Cloake & Powley Have Done It Again

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I’ve a confession to make. I haven’t always really supported Spurs.

Damn forgot the italics. What I meant to say was I haven’t always really supported Spurs. Properly. By which I mean there have been distractions. Women, children, that lifeboat time share thing, temporary incarceration due to a misunderstanding with the Basij-e Mostaz’afin, lines of cocaine up to foot in length, stints in repertory theatre. Okay I may have made up some up there but you get my point.

My point being that this book is perfect for the lifelong fan who has had a life. It fills in the gaps and reminds you of the joys and sorrows, page by page. Books like this are rather rare. Written by fans who are balanced, informed and hugely articulate. I couldn’t possibly write a book like this.

The Spurs Miscellany is written by respected club experts Martin Cloake and Adam Powley, the duo behind the acclaimed ’61 and ‘The Boys from White Hart Lane’, this goldmine of information reveals all manner of facts, feats and stories from the proud history of one of English football’s most famous clubs.

A rich source of quirky trivia, the book – officially licensed by the club – explains how Tottenham took its unique name, reveals how the rivalry with Arsenal first developed and tells the story of the day the great Maradona donned the famous Lilywhite shirt. In addition, it also introduces the striker who made it a superstition to never score in a warm-up, charts the club’s iconic crest through the ages, and celebrates the wit and wisdom of the legendary Bill Nicholson in a special chapter dedicated to Spurs’ greatest-ever manager.

Alongside these meticulously researched entries are biographical sections on club heroes like Paul Gascoigne, Danny Blanchflower, Steve Perryman, Gary Lineker and Chris Waddle as well as detailed season-by-season records to satisfy even the most ardent of statisticians.

With its extensive array of facts, feats and anecdotes to chew over, this labour of love is the perfect Christmas present for the Tottenham fan in your life – young or old. Beautifully printed on imitation cloth. The imitation cloth alone is worth a fiver.

Go to a book shop and pay £9.99. Or buy direct from Vision Sports for a mere £7.99. Alternatively get a further 20% off and buy from Vision using the discount code ‘1882’

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