€13M? …Yes Please

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Good afternoon.

We’ve been linked with someone I think we ought to go all out to buy. Swoop audaciously for, that sort of thing. PSV winger Dries Mertens is the name in the frame and he ticks more boxes than a YouGov poll addict. 

For a start, he’s bi-wingal. Which for those of you struggling, is a word I just made up to describe a player able to play effectively on both wings.Which would be fantastic news for Spurs and less fantastic news for er.. say… Aaron Lennon.

Then there’s the fact that he’s Belgian. Which if you look at nations as if they were race yards, then you have to say that this particular stable is in terrific form. That makes him an international team mate of Jan Vertonghen and if Dries was looking for hints as to if a move to the mighty Tottingham might suit him, then his mate’s success will be impossible for him to ignore.

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