Date: 23rd August 2013 at 5:13pm
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It is never simple with Spurs. Seemingly hours away from capturing the potential creative spark that we have so longed for, only to have our bitter rivals snatch him away from us at the last second. had caught the attention of our bearded tactician for a number of years now, and as flippant as you want to be about this saga he was surely the jewel in the crown of our so called ‘project’.

Is it all doom and gloom?

With it is always easy to ride the tumultuous rollercoaster that sees us often on the cusp of eternal glory only to be catapulted back into mediocrity. Whilst the deal is an undoubted blow, it really shouldn’t be anywhere near enough to derail our ambitions for the coming year.

’s apparently imminent deal to bring in the Brazilian was the epitome of a last minute knee jerk, with the phrase ‘eleventh hour’ exclusively reserved for these kind of deals. There was no clear feeling that the Brazilian was a long term target for the blues, more likely the result of Abramovich’s late night discovery of some spare rubles down the back of his sofa.

If you consider the attacking midfield options of Hazard, Mata, Oscar and De Bruyne you can only really conclude that this deal was no more than a reassertion of the oligarch’s power. Instead of that world-class striker that they so desperately need, he goes out and snaps up yet another attacking midfielder.

Just another sign to me of how lucky we are to be run by such astute businessmen, rather than some Russian billionaire playing around with his toys.

But are trying to spite us here?

I’m pretty flattered in my belief that they just might be. ’s ruthless plunder of one of our targets just smacks of genuine fear. The fact Chelsea are clearly concerned about our spending and future is something of a back-handed compliment. In the past we weren’t even on the radar of a club like Chelsea, now we have done enough to upset their status quo. I think this saga just represents how far we have really come.

Will ever get a sniff of a deal off our Chairman again? Of course not. Chelsea should have learnt the last time they tried to take liberties with our masterful financier.

My gut feeling is that regardless of ’s ability, the kind of mercantile behaviour he has displayed in the last few days suggests that we may have dodged a bullet with this one as well.

Lamela? Pjanic? Yes please.

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