It’s All Levy’s Fault – But It’s Alright Rodney – Arry As A Cunnin’ Plan

Wotcha. In an unsensational and all too predictable flash of cockroach like behavour, our tight lipped supremo passed the buck for this evening’s thumping to …Chairman Daniel Levy. Levy, who has done nothing but hamper the clubs process by shipping in expensive deadbeats for the last two years finally brought Mr Redschnapps out of his… Continue reading It’s All Levy’s Fault – But It’s Alright Rodney – Arry As A Cunnin’ Plan

We CAN Do’em – The PreMatch Prattle

Hello campers, And so from yesterday to this evening… I genuinely think we can do this lot. What is key is for us to not sit around, huddled like dispossessed scaredy cats but to attack attack attack. ‘We scored one more than you!’ must be the battle cry tonight. I have never seen the regimented,… Continue reading We CAN Do’em – The PreMatch Prattle

Exclusive Manchester United Interview

Good morning.

Thank goodness we have another game of football before us. And what a game it will be. In a crazy parallel universe or what mental health experts are referring to as Lollypoplanditus, Spurs will move the ball around against Manchester United with the same self assured ease that they displayed at Tynecastle.

Now, one of the old blogger network type chaps I have had the pleasure of meeting is by the name of Chudi and he runs the old The Busby so who better to get a bit of pre-match banter.

Yanited & Cheatski BOTH Negotiating For Modders

Bleuurrrrrrrgh. This window was never going to be dull. How could it be? Despite the calls for Arry to be ceremonally opened up and various still beating innards taken by fast horse to the four corners of the Bell & Hare’s beer garden – Spurs are ripe for plundering. Outside of the popular hate figures… Continue reading Yanited & Cheatski BOTH Negotiating For Modders


The current Tottingham frontline couldn’t score in a Chinese brothel with a pocket full of rice. Would you do a deal with the devil? I think I’m on record as saying that this son of ****** Baldgarian actually came from a place that was so low that even the rats was hunchbacked. I remember watching… Continue reading Berbatov

Modders Sold

That’s it. All hope is lost. Please go back to into your homes and don your widow’s weaves. It’s all over. It’s been mumbled before, but to my mind today’s News Of The World back page is the first real warning shot that the indomitable Celt Sluralix is well and truly after Modders. Our form… Continue reading Modders Sold

Anti Stratford Protest – Pointless Wash Out

Emily Pankhurst, Bobby Sands, that chap who got run over by a tank in Tiananmen Square, the Fathers For Justice bloke in a Batman suit… and now a few dozen idiots with a badly drawn bed-sheet partially blocking a B road. Initial reports from optimistic agitators was of some 500 people involved. One can only… Continue reading Anti Stratford Protest – Pointless Wash Out