1. nah…he was gasping for breath after he collected his winnings from the bookies when we got “beat” 1-0 by the Cockney knicker sniffers….him and Grant (Captain Black from the Mysterons) laughed so fakkin hard they got palpitations!! #:)

  1. But he was spotted, indeed spoken to by some Spurs mates of mine who saw him at The O2 Sunday Evening going to see Andrea Bochelli – they were going to see Brass Construction

  2. I now how he feels i felt bloody ill after our bad Defending in the last ten mins ,then poor bloody Toms injury topped it off.Get well soon Harry we are not ready for Bond and Jordan yet.Coys

    1. oi davspurs I thought you reckoned it was a Harry ploy to keep thudd out of the england squad and keep him safe for our glut of must wins!

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