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Mackem’s under the lights then. Hubba hubba.

With the talismanic shinner-iner that is Barren Dent absent and mediocre league form, this is a nailed on opportunity for the Tottinghams to truly enrage their support with a performance to make the end of the pier show at t’Reebok look like an investor show reel.

All mock belligerence to one side, this is a game that Sunderland cannot be looking forward to and one that Spurs really ought to go to town in.

The danger areas are potential outbreaks of individual acts of madness (Hello A&E :winke: ) and a destitute array of strikers. Is it true that Begbie has scored 2 more league goals than Peter Crouch this season?

Super Romancrazypavin’s goal at Bolton was extraordinarily good. Lost in the mists of gloom perhaps, but it was an absolute belter all the same.

Value at the bookies is thin on the ground. So have a tickle at 1-0 half time, 3-1 full time and you ought to be offered 66/1 or better.


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  • Desert Spur says:

    Got to drop 3MP – he’s not been too good. The Crazypavin has to play. One side of me wants VDV rested tonight so he’s not wrecked over the next few weeks, and another wants to see his great record at the Lane kept up.

  • Move over Mackem Mover. Nothing better than watching people with real Tourettes…

  • spurlative says:

    We came fourth without VDV. I dont see his absence as an excuse.
    I see bad tactical awareness and management as an excuse. Like players, maybe managers also go thru a bad patch of form too. Thats reasonable
    When your bad form is rubbing off on the players, thats when you rely on your world class players(the ones that dont need coaching) to get you through. Its also why you moan when your world class players are out(when youre on bad form).
    A bad carpenter blames his tools.
    If the carpenter at one moment of time has a blunt chisel he should not try to create a sculpture but rather make a perfectly useable chair.

    Im referring to you Hairy Redknipple.

    • dutchman says:

      Come on..all the blame on HR is very unreasonable..did you see the entire game saturday..At least 80%of our squad had lack of interest, foucus and especially eagerness..
      Rafa to play first half i’d ; please let Thudd not make another “NigelDeJong” foul again tonight..Love Thudd but his fouls are awful..

  • onedavemackay says:

    It has to be Pav tonight.

    Give him the supply he’ll stick em away

  • Leckie says:

    Cannot see how any Spurs fan would be slating Redknapp. He has a lot of credits left in his locker before he warrants a knocking. The line up at Bolton was easily better than it performed. If the players switch off they are to blame.

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