Injury Update From The Raging Kaboul Himself

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Rejoice! Clutch the nearest small child and tell him to run as fast as he might to the butchers and buy the most expensive bird in the shop, yes, The one in the window.

Well actually scrap the bit about the kid. That sort of thing came as a welcome contrast to stuffing ’em chimneys once upon a time but now it, well… it’s regarded as foreplay for weirdos.

Younes Kaboul has tweeted.

Posted Image @Younes_Kaboul Younès Kaboul

Injury on my hip , 15 days out :( i’ll be back stronger !

Great news if and when backed up by medically qualified folk.

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  • welshyid says:

    15 days, he will be back for crimbo rush.. .. .. he timed that wrong then!!!

  • devonshirespur says:

    Shame, away to Brum is exactly the sort of game we will need the big man in, especially if they play Zigic. Gallas & Bassong are far less commanding in the air.

    At least its not another long term injury, donw to our last 2 centre backs out of 6….no other club cope cope with such problems…Chlesea are missing 1 and are screwed, how would United cope without Rio, Vidic, Evans, Smalling?#

    Lets hope the Brum derby game tonight is a real tough one and goes to XT. COYS!

    • melcyid says:

      ankle muffs for the lads v brum .they are anti football leg and ankle breakers,bale and mods were doing great until we played them.also eduardo and I expect a few others .their halftime talk seems to be get out there and break some bones.

  • Bruce Castle says:

    Gallas and Bassong played well on Sunday and Dawson’s on his way back. . Not much to worry about IMO.

  • toddspur says:

    HH; is it just me or has this site been AWOL for a couple of days?

    Good to be back

  • Tel says:

    Any news on Dawson?

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