Date: 21st November 2010 at 6:08pm
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Great old line from Yes Minister when Jim Hacker says,‘ One minute you’re out out of your office, the next you’re out of office.’

is an old cove and will be secretly smiling at how his fortunes against went from being furiously despised at half time to being the Second Coming just forty five minutes later.

Whatever took place in the away dressing room at half time, the latent talent in just about every player was unlocked and our lot came out and did ’em.

I haven’t watched for a while and I have to say that I can fully understand now how they dominate the wrong end of the Fair Play League. The second goal was due to am imbecilic handball. They need to wise up and fast.

Look, I’m no more obsessed with these things than you, but it’s bad form to espouse all this ‘technically gifted’ rubbish if by the same token you are indulging in cheap fouls and play acting like that mong spaz cad Nasri.

Anyway, feck ’em. As they head to the Batmobile, we’re off to the ratings!

Gomes 7 Redeemed himself as (did many) in the second half.

A&E 5 Like weather. Dull with wet patches.

Gallarse 9 He was on a mission. Mission accomplished.

Raging Kaboul 7 Intelligent goals from a much improving chap. Well done, mate.

Begbie 4.5 I’d like to flog him. And then, sell ‘im. In that order.

Azza Blud  5.5 Back to square one again. Meh.

Jenarse 7 Another focused performance. More please.

Modders 6.75 Blossomed a little as our shape changed.

Bale, Bale, Bale 7.35 Great players change matches and define seasons.

VDV 7.36 Oozed class once the system/shaped changed.

Crazypavinchenko 6 Didn’t get into it really. But terribly nice hair.

Defoe 6.28 A one man feel good factor. Welcome home son.

3MP 6.29 Disrupted a wonky back four.

The Sarge 6.27 A credit in the time that he had.

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