Chelsea Indoors The Pre Match Prattle

Given then the unchecked rage that yesterday’s blog caused amongst 3 people who demanded a no nonsense approach to football blogging, today’s blog will be in Latin.


I’m revocare contendunt Chelsea quando ita picking matura. Nosedived habet formam et ut spem Loth et dissimulare pro abi jugularis. Satis sum si fidem possemus Post quam duos current bunch, id solum non habent propositum Cheatski more referri.

Van der Vaart out, sicut omnes, ut id facerem … Sed libet Psa habitant erit deficiebat.

Sicut multi lusores Defoe tempus eget mojo obtinet post opus abest. Sed revera trat in spe si calces’s positive inesse cras. Nec est ut mittatur game cerritulus offsides per.

E A mea custodiam etiam-list. I’m aeger taedio inconveniens. Hic Guido eius diei absoluta qualitate. Sed poenis et concedendo free FATUUS trat moris est supra iam per iocum. Ludus Dominico inquit, nos defendere adgressus optime sicut feceramus feria.

Right. Ut miseretur animas erit.

De sponsionibus supererit Gareth Bale sunt nostri ut Goalscorer First VI / I, ut quisquam Modders Goalscorer VI / I, si credis recte bookies et nos score primum gutta defuerunt qui est vincere XVII / II.

And English…


I’m struggling to recall a time when Chelsea were so ripe for the picking. Their form has nosedived and let’s hope that out lot ignore this and just go for the jugular. I’m pretty convince that if we could get two past this current bunch, they simply don’t have the usual Cheatski resolve to come back.

Van der Vaart is out, as are all the usual suspects… But I’d like to dwell on the chaps that will be running out.

Defoe like many players needs time to get his mojo working after an absence. But I really hope it kicks into gear if he’s to feature positively tomorrow.

Defoe like many players needs time to get his mojo working after an absence. But I really hope it kicks into gear if he’s to feature positively tomorrow. This isn’t a game to be thrown through daft offsides.

A&E is also on my watch-list.  I’m sick and tired of the inconsistency. This guy ‘on his day’ is absolute quality. But his conceding idiotic penalties and free kicks routine is beyond a joke now. On Sunday’s game he says, ‘ we have to defend very well and attack like we did on Tuesday.’

Right. And may God have mercy upon our souls then.

Bets of the day for me are Gareth Bale to be Our Frst Goalscorer 6/1, Modders as an Anytime Goalscorer 6/1 and if you believe the bookies are right and we will score first, a drop of that But Fail To Win is 17/2.


    1. You have an unusually high number of firsts are you somehow itk, but I agree with your comment ,lets av em

  1. oh by the way my thoughts exactly on a&e. i get a panic attack every time hes on the ball lately

  2. The outcome will surely hinge on Benny’s hair style and the extent to which Sgt W passes to someone not paid by a Russian ?

  3. Like it Harry – Carpe Diem etc

    If either VdV or Thudd were fit then I would say yes, the balance is with us. However, with just little Luka and a going off form Bale as the stars in my eyes, but still playing above anyone else – and that’s the problem – I would say 2-1 Scum.

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