Two Beautiful Pieces Of Rare Tottenham Footage

Evenin’ all.

As the server’s Sellotape holds on for it’s very life I thought I’d bring you a few friendly yards of something almost worth looking at.

I apologise for the absence of embedding, the reasons are two fold. My tech guy is currently ‘coming to’ only to discover he is naked and chained to a supporting strut beneath a much loved Pier on the English seaside. The second is that I appear unable to rustle up some html for this bad boy but it’s so lovely I had to share anyway.It’s HERE.

The second piece of footage is here and may make a nice thing to doctor appropriately and mail to a friend/co-worker/carer. And it is HERE.


  1. Remember getting relegated and then getting straight back up including the Colin Lee debut 4 goals against Bristol Rovers and holding on for a draw at a full to bursting Dell. Then 1979 remember going to Anfield to get thrashed 7 Nil and we were lucky to get Nil. Even so great memories. Fantastic and still in that number!!!

  2. my old man gave me boxes of tottenham videos from the 70 and 80 on tape only for them to get Mashed in a flood…Lost the lot all my finals tapes all my uafa cup runs……Its still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye with what i lost…….

    1. WAFER Cup Final 1984 against Anderlecht still lives in my memory as the most incredible atmosphere I have experienced at WHL (Versus Inter this season, and Chelsea last season are challenging). We just could NOT lose that final with such brilliant support.
      Also remember two incredible goals by Hoddle, one on the volley against ManUre from a free kick teed up by Ossie. The other another volley which flew past Shilton against Forest having been set up by a Barry Daines goalkick and flicked on by Chris Jones then thundered by Hodd. Amazing memories.

  3. Top moment has to be 3 games last season v arsenal ,Manchester city and Chelsea as well inter games this season also like to mentioned as dad with two boy’s my first duty is convert them to spurs fans , I didn’t how well I did in that area until arsenal v Barcelona finale when barc scored the second goal seeing my kid celebrate arsenal losing that was great moment for me

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