Date: 31st January 2011 at 7:30am
Written by:

Christ on a bike that was horrible.

Of course trying to access a site that doesn’t to comment upon how dreadful that was only served to compound matters. If we’d just beaten at Old Trafford  4-0 who gives a hoot about being able to share the joy?

So in the midst of blunted scalpels and a sea of hacked up body parts here’s the autopsy.

1. I actually thought I’d turned into Dr Who and stepped out the Tardis in the 90’s. We were wet, weak and weary.

2. This isn’t scapegoating, but is yet another bloke that someone took a punt on at a couple of mill that hasn’t worked out. Harsh? Who cares, I’m not his mother. Buy cheap, buy twice.

3. ’s tactical nouse is about as sharp as your average Swingball player.

4. I don’t think Phil Dowd likes us. That said, he appears to me as if there are deep routed issues there, like his brother is schtupping his his wife.

5. Discovery brand wizzes allover Old El Paso. Their fahitas can only be described as fluffy and flavoursome. Their nachos come with a mysterious sachet of which I was too scared to investigate as to what was in it but I haven’t enjoyed nachos so much in ten years.

The rest of today’s blogs will consist of me weeping at names the ‘ITK’s’ throw into the hat/be cancelled due to lack of interest in battling a server made of Fromage Frais.

Oh yes and if you opened your living room window yesterday at about 6 o’clock you could just make out the distant sound of Italians laughing.