Bale Wins PFA Player Of The Year

Image for Bale Wins PFA Player Of The Year

He’s won!

The word was out earlier in the day but here’s the proof. What cannot speak cannot lie.

Well done Gareth, we are all very proud of you and the goodly people at THFC who orphaned you and set you to work in our Hope Factory.

A little known fact that he actually has the heart of a lion. Tragic illness as a child in Wales, Tory cutbacks in the local NHS, a local zoo made the offer. The rest is history. If I can’t recycle my own material at gone 10 o’clock on a Sunday night when can I?

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  • david says:

    Hope this is true and we have not been suckered by one of those photoshop cons.
    Nothing announced on news yet. Assume it becomes official at 11.30 ?

  • Gary says:

    youre so stupid for posting that, worst fake photo ive seen in ages. Bale aint that tall, no way would you get hold of that photo even if it was real and as far as the post goes, it was done before result was confirmed.

    man youre full of it.

  • n17ment says:

    bale looks about 5years old with the body of an anorexic 3mp

  • A_Felching says:

    We’ll deserved, any more predictions in those tea leaves :blink:

  • LodgeSpur says:

    If it’s true then well done Gareth.
    You have been a pleasure to watch this season & have all the making of a great player. Please don’t get your head turned in the summer, we love you at spurs.
    Also can you put in a performance against the scum on Wednesday so we can sing ‘we fooked your season up’. Merci

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