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The current Tottingham frontline couldn’t score in a Chinese brothel with a pocket full of rice. Would you do a deal with the devil?

I think I’m on record as saying that this son of ****** Baldgarian actually came from a place that was so low that even the rats was hunchbacked.

I remember watching The Paul Daniels Magic Show and he had Robert Maxwell on as a publicity seeking stooge. The Bouncing Czech repeatedly plugged his organ – Daniels hushed him, saying to camera – ‘people play tricks with mirrors.

The Daily Mirror are suggesting that he could return to The Lane at knockdown price of £10M-£12M. Wow.

Now suspend ye olde ‘paper talk!’ and answer me this. Would you have him back?

Before you reply, don’t get tooooo precious. Gallas is giving many of us the guiltiest of hot flushes. And he used to …. well, you know.

There’s a poll so you can express your view without the bother having to make up a user name.


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  • rogerspurs says:

    Mixed bag of views eh? Although the voting is heavily in favout of a BErba signing (with some caveats).
    Reminder – when Venables played for Spurs (few years ago now I’ll grant) he wasn’t considered to be as classy as his teammates ( Greaves, Gilzean, Mullery, Engalnd, Knowles, Mackay etc) and I don’t recall too much sadness when he left. Wehn he came back as manager it was “welcome home Tel”!. Wehn Sheringham left for Man U you his departure was acrimonious – we weren’t ambitious enough for him I recall. I remember the “what a waste of money” chant as he mssed a sitter against us! When he came back it was ” Oh..Teddy Teddy…blah blah” – which I also heard last week vs. Le Arse. Even when Keane went to his boyhood heroes..when he first came back we had “There’s only one Keano…” seeping from the Paxton.
    I’d say this- at the moment we don’t have a 55,000 seat stadium and can’t afford to buy the Rossis, Forlans, Agueros etc for £35m whatever ‘Transfer Tavern’ would have us believe. Until then….Berbatov is class, scores goals, and would I suspect be affordable. Similalry Drogba..who on his game is unplayable. Snap ’em up and hold your nose. It’s probably the best we will get until the stadium is agreed, built, and full to capacity.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      It wasn’t that long ago that the general consensus was that Darren Bent was overpriced at £16.5 mill as well as not being good enough for us in any case. Funny thing is that there are now people saying we should never have sold him, or that we should have got at least £20 mill instead of £10 mill we got for him.

      Thinking back to the 2006 World Cup, I honestly believe we had the team to win it, but Erikson refused to sub Owen and Beckham, as well as tried to be clever by taking Walcott instead of Defoe.

      Looking at the stats in terms of minutes per goal, the two best strikers we have had in the last three years have been Bent and Pav, neither of whom were ever given a real chance under HR. Quite apart from the fickleness of our fans, there is a case to be made that maybe we didn’t need to buy a couple of strikers this season, and we had two that have been neglected. And like 2006, our failure to progress was more to do with mismanagement than inability.

      With regard to Teddy S, in fairness to him, he didn’t threaten to kick the table over if he didn’t get his own way. However Berbatov behaved disgracefully at a time when we were in crisis. “Kicking a man when he is down” springs to mind.

      Clearly Berbatov would be an asset to this or virtually any team, but for me, I think I would feel like the man being introduced to my daughters boyfriend, knowing that he beats her up every time he has had a couple of drinks, and he would not be welcome in my home.

      A lot of us can rationalise and excuse just about anything. Look at some of the comments made when we signed Gallas (not that I opposed him), and once they do the business for us, we forget their past supposed transgressions. I personally find disloyalty a step too far.

      Although I disagree with you about bringing Berba back, you have summed it up correctly in financial terms.

      • Toddspur says:

        Be careful HH will have you writing the next blog!

        Wise words from Roger too

        Manure won’t sell him so it’s a non-debate really

        • SpurredoninDublin says:

          He has already made me an offer. He has offered me a trial where I work for nothing for a month, and if they like me, he will double my salary. I’m holding out for treble.

        • toddspur says:

          he’s tight as Wengers foreskin, he really is

  • totnam says:

    You thought you were too good for us, sulked, refused to play, and generally played the I’m too big for you/sulk for a move card!!
    Well, here is a giant RED CARD for you.
    Pssi off you sulky TAWT!!!!!!!

  • TMWNN says:

    What does a player have to do before the thought of a few goals won’t be enough for forgiveness, kill one of our fans? Or will 20 in a season make that okay too?

    He took the complete piss out of everyone involved or associated with the club from top to bottom and some of you want to reward him for it. You’re bonkers!

    • Mr_Spiggott says:


      I’ve got it – the perfect revenge –

      Let’s pretend we’re signing him and smuggle him out of the airport under a blanket – when the inks dry whip the blanket away and he’s now signed to play with the pikey at Wet Spam.

      Genius. Do it Daniel – I dares ya. :freu

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      Don’t disagree with you.

      Does anyone recall that when Hutton was in the news for giving his father a hiding, someone on one of these blogs started a campaign to have him kicked out. In that case, there was no direct insult to us, though I would not condone what he did.

      We are beginning to resemble Manure fans. If Rooney were convicted of rape, there are fans who would say that he should be let off with a fine because it is his first offence.

      Where are all the high minded principles of the anti-E15 campaign. I am talking about those who say it would compromise our principles to leave the area, but it doesn’t compromise our principles to re-employ a player who dealt us a grievous insult and kicked us when we were down to suit his own selfish ends.

  • eastanglianspur says:

    Likewise, NO NO NO NO NO. You cannot live in the past. Next thing you’ll be saying is bring Keane back to play along side him. They’re both history.

  • Perpetual says:

    Berbatov don’t want to play for us…he always wanted to play for manure…period.Here’s my opinion wrt our strikers’ failings…Redknapp compromised our team formation to accomodate Rafa vd Vaart and playing one striker and Rafa as a box-to-box player was great as long as he scored and would have been great if Crouch weighed in with a decent goal tally too…but both of them went through a very dry patch and Harry has never given two strikers playing alongside one another a decent enough run.Rafa is a super player but in terms of the team dynamics playing him the way Harry has done have harmed Spurs because once teams worked out a counter to Rafa we had very little going for us up front.Harry must take the blame for our lack of scoring not Defoe, Crouch and Pavlyuchenko (although he was terrible on Saturday).

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