Date: 31st May 2011 at 1:43pm
Written by:


This morning my house maid Mitzy Dupree happened to read me an interview with an employee of yours, one which appeared on the website  I nearly fell of my polo pony.

“..if a club comes an offer that will satisfy the club and me, then the transfer is possible.”

Whilst I appreciate you cannot entirely control what these characters say and do, might I suggest you take immediate steps to knock this one on the head. Perhaps explaining to the player that he is a prized asset and as far as you are concerned it is unimaginable that an offer could possibly ‘satisfy’ either the club or the player. That you are prepared to do all that you a conceivably able to do in order to retain his services.

Additionally it might be a superb opportunity to also assure supporters that is the case and Hands Off Fergie!

Your man in the trenches bayonet fixed,

The Boy .