Date: 15th June 2011 at 9:42pm
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Good evening fight fans.

Word in from Roger Morgan on Odyssey is that a bid of £22M has come in and been rejected from …. Football Club.  Ol’ Rog has had a few triumphs in the past and I’d be stunned if this isn’t in a major newspaper in the morning.

£22M? Mmmnn. In the shadow of the Torres ‘swoop’ it seems a bit naffin’ short on the jolly. But that was a bid apart. It came from Abramovich. Detach emotion and £22M is probably no more than £10M off the market worth.

‘Do wot H? You slag!!!’

And breathe. You do not get mental money for stellar players like in the from Premiership sides.  Bids that size of bid only comes in for English ‘punts’ for the future. Didn’t you get the memo?