Defoe’s Vegas BS: ‘I Never Got Fully Fit Because HR Didnt Pick Me Even When I Scored’

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Mmmn. Maybe this is completely fabricated but it sounds too damn true to me … from Dan Nolan on Spurs Community…

‘Been in Vegas on a mates stag do this week and happened to meet Jermain Defoe, Tom Huddlestone and Ian Wright.

Talked in length with JD on the roulette table and he is actively looking to leave and even mentioned joining Arsenal. Says hes in his peak age wise and needs to be playing, said he never got fully fit because HR didn’t pick him even if he scored! No reserves meant he got no games to pick up sharpness after injury. Very annoyed about it too.

HR doesn’t want him to leave but wont guarantee him football. His agent was also with him and said hes investigating interest and we should find out in the next 2 weeks when hes back from holiday.

Spurs also looking to do business early as they are aware what happened in the last window annoyed the fans.

My sincerest apologies to Jermain Defoe apologists, but this delusional idiot’s goal tally speaks for itself.

The sooner Spurs dump fragile,  self absorbed cretins like this – the better.

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  • Aaron says:

    think its bullshit man, I knew Defoe was in Vegas too from his twitter so anyone could have easily made up a story and put it against the real-life backdrop of him being in Las Vegas

  • ricewireless says:

    yeah i agree was he offside on the roulette table? :hae:

  • ricewireless says:

    blimey quiet tonight :whistle:

  • davspurs'dealer says:

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I hope Jermaine stays there too.

  • Cammy says:

    wont really mind if we buy damaio and some one else maybe falcao
    that will leave us with VDV , damaio,falcao and pav… that i think is a great striker combination, now buy diarra and a centre half and i think we will have a great team next year…… however who ever we buy it will be difficult to please everyone , if we buy diarra then what about Sandro……. maybe Sandro may fill the void if Modders leaves :-( …. could be this team next year
    Walker, new centre back, Dawson , BAE

    Oh i don’t know , i’m just a dreamer ! oh and Harry give the Kid Walker a chance , stop putting Corluka and Kaboul in there , firstly Corluka is as quick as my gran and Kaboul is a center back!(supposedly)… wish that boy would knuckle down and fulfill his promise……

    • Roland Rat says:

      How many times does Modders have to tell you he is not leaving this summer?

      Walker can’t defend, he will weaken the side, he needs to go out on loan and come back a player ready to play for us. He was crap at Villa for the second half of his spell there.

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