NDP or Bust?

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Hello viewers.

It appeared at first glance to be just one of those Fridays that inevitably fall just before you get paid. At first glance you’d put your impending wages on it being one of those Fridays when you know with a burning certainty that Diego Forlan wasn’t really at the Lodge being asked to provide a urine sample. And him responding, perhaps in Spanish, ‘What, from over here?’

But it all got quite feisty. I can assure you of that. It took a turn for feistyness.

I was having a having a conversation with the highly esteemed and prolific author Norman Giller and the much respected media all rounder, Martin Cloake.

It was essentially that Norm and Martin both have faith in the notion, the idea of a coming together of all parties involved in the NDP now in the wake of Judicial Review having now been vetoed.

That a meeting of minds featuring involved parties in Haringey, THFC, Boris, Lord Coe, Mr Lammy etc could somehow thrash out a viable path to WHL being updated and upgraded for the 21st century and beyond.

My view was that this was a commendable, even noble but ultimately deluded view.

The decision to gift the stadium to a pair of Porn Barons running a Championship football club with enormous debts was in essence corrupt in so much that those wanting the stadium to remain after the Games merely wanted a monument to their achievements there forever for all to coo over.

I also suggested that given the surreal costs of expanding at the present location ie continuing with the NDP, that the Club would either need to put itself in hock to Bond villains/foreign investors or resign itself to working off it’s debts and not spending any money on players for a generation.

Before I ask you what you think, can I ask for something more sophisticated than either ‘let’s move in to Wembley’ or ‘I’d rather watch us in the Championship than leave N17.’ I would regard both of those sentiments as being as equally unbalanced.

So, what do you think?

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  • Big Fish says:

    Easier to build a time machine and go back to 1961. An altogether far more pleasant age in every respect.

  • tw says:

    I’d rather watch us in the Championship at Wembley

  • jim says:

    what can we do? The NDP will bankrupt us for 20 years or more whilst we cant find any other suitable site that will be any cheaper. We need government help or we will just have to stay where we are. Maybe Harry was right, this is as good as it gets because without a bigger stadium we simply cant compete with the spending/wages power of our rivals.

  • jiz says:

    I thin I love you

  • Tongy says:

    Toughy… We need a bigger capacity at a viable price without moving far in a developed area. The problem is the council know we the fans want to stay there and hold us to ransom for it… Sure we can all have a go and say Levy should get on with it… but he has the best intentions for the club and it’s progression. I for one am happy I am not in his shoes – because I don’t know what to do. I guess keep fighting the council.

    • Sid Trotter says:

      and it would be a nightmare trying to get into his shoes if he was already in, or you had bigger feet

      • Tongy says:

        I could tell you I had big feet but I would be lying. And yes, unfortunately I can confirm the age old comparison is matter of fact! Not to my benifit.

        On the subject though.. I do think it will take foreign investment to make this reality at the moment. It is sad to type that

        • Sid Trotter says:

          what has foreign investment got to do with big feet? Coco the Clown was an impoverished Bulgarian if I recall correctly, and Chinese woemn had their feet bound to stop them …. becoming rich

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