Date: 13th June 2011 at 8:34am
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The footballing world has been shaken to it’s very core at the news that Mr Scott Mosely Parker has according to the Sunday Mirror rebuffed the advances of Turkish bohemoths Fenerbahce in order that Uncle Arry can make what top ranking pundits anticipate to be an audacious swoop.

A million love songs and £8M later and the Tottingham’s supremo should have his man.

I’ve been pondering this deal – well there’s something iffy about this toaster I think it may be the thermostat and one’s mind tend to wander when staring at a butter dish – and am coming around to the idea of Parker’s 1940’s barnet sprouting out of the Lilywhite.

This whole Uncle Arry arm around the shoulder, he’s a top top player for sure business lost it’s charms on me a while back. Largely as my perception was of a bloke who was talking the same language as Crouch and Defoe but was left scratching his loaf when it can to Pav and Modders.

Modric I am convinced and this all supposition on my part is no more communicative with Arry than Pav or anyone else born beyond the chimes of Bow Bells. To an extent I believe that the Croat Cruyff is so good you could literally drop him into any team in the world and he’d do the business. He understands.

People describe some players as having a footballing brain. Occasionally this is to mask the fact they have yet to fully master cutlery, but more often to acknowledge that they are instinctively conversant in the nuances of the game.

Pav I admit is perhaps less so ‘with it’, but having some Cockney Sparra shouting Use the channels, drop in, in, in…oh my days. Pav! Pav! E’s deaf inne?. Release! Play it into …the… Oh for fu… at a bloke who’s English isn’t 100% isn’t the answer.

My point is that if we can meet somewhere in the middle, I might be happy. How sweet of me. But I hope you see where I’m coming from  here. I was put off Parker largely on the basis that I saw it as the start of Arry turning us into West Am 2.0.

Parker coming into replace Modders stories were clumsy and to be frank I think I bought into them a little. I’d argue all day that Pav is three or four times the player 3MP is, but we have a scenario whereby Crouchino is the only striker Arry has come out and said he’d be reluctant to sell.

It’s precisely this sort of thing that terrifies me. Even Arry knows he can’t defend Defoe anymore. No chance. We’ve heard all about ‘the injury’ (you’d think he’d been hit by a runaway truck if you didn’t know better) but the reality is Defoe has become so formulaic, so wound up and unimaginative I don’t know what the answer is. Nor do Spurs. That’s why they gave him a Jimmy Greaves DVD ferchrissakes.

What I want is a measured approach to the way our team is constructed and managed. Push and run. Not just Parker brought in to wallop the ball onto 3MP’s nut. I prefer Parker to Rodwell or perhaps any other of these £20m plus boys that have suddenly sprung up like daffodils. We need to get back into the Champions League and we’ll do more than damage our chances taking a punt that maybe doesn’t quite come off.

Hear me right on this, this isn’t me saying Bentley was a disaster so we should only ever buy proven pensioners in future, what I’m saying is that it’s a question of getting the balance right.

A small request: I put out in a blog some time back a small cry for help in relation to assistance with a HH podcast. There  was a brilliant response from a number of readers who appeared to be well worth talking to.

Unfortunately, I have discovered that the email I was using at that time has been made defunct – for want of a better word.

So I wasn’t being an ignorant git, my replies went into a void. If anyone who expressed an interest is still interested in assisting in the tech side then please mail me on the old faithful

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