Simply Stunning Spurs Snaps: Connoisseurs Only

Image for Simply Stunning Spurs Snaps: Connoisseurs Only

Hello fight fans.

You know, too often we get dragged into what has become a modern footballing maelstrom and sometimes …forget to take a few minutes to right the balance of our temperance.

Do wot H?

Which in the old money is how about we all calm down a little and remember what it is about this Tottingham lark we actually enjoy. Hopefully the following pages will do the trick. They worked wonders for me. A debt of gratitude to the good and noble folk at The Football Archivist.

All you have to do is click on the image below and …relax.

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  • highermenz says:

    ha ha no way my first ever time and i came first lmao

  • highermenz says:

    may as well take second and third too a clean sweep lol,really great pictures that shows the true history of our great club love the greaves one especially

  • rogerspurs says:

    Magic stuff….does make you think a bit …never been one to go on about ‘the good old days’ but the pics do conjure up a warm feeling about the era before (and this is I’d guess true for fans of all clubs) our lives changed from following our teams as a big part (the biggest?) of our existence ( need to be by a radio / tv set at 20 to five every Saturday – which would lead to either a trip up the boozer or finding a cat to kick) , into just another consumerist market segment in football’s transformation to global profit opportunity.

  • Cyril says:

    Great stuff!

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