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The transfer windows are a mixed bag in the online world. Poor, football-less folk wander barren lands like dispossessed souls. From site to site they roam clicking in the vain for hope that their side has pulled off a coup, or better still not made another unmitigated howler.

I understand the commercial pressures. I’ve been at this for over a fortnight now. But for the love of sweet baby Jesus and the orphans when is the conveyor belt of human waste going to actually look at itself and ever blush?

A crappy made up Bale story in the Sunday Express suddenly gives some anonymous lobotomised intern at license to catapult garbage at us.

What’s worse is that reads as if it was written by a Tomorrows’ World presenter with a sense of humour bypass. If it was an audio book it’d be read by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I hate to break up the party by announcing that not only have we run out of ice but the caterers and complimentary hookers have had to cancel, but this is cobblers. And it’s recycled cobblers at that – which is why I have this sudden apoplexic goat shortage.

And this from a man that has served up some rubbish in his time, but at least I had the front to be honest about it …and we’ve had some laughs along the way. ‘Liverpool Sign Bent’, anyone?

I know it’s tough out there but this is witless. This didn’t touch a nerve as I’m scared Bale will leave. It touched a nerve as it’s baseless and dumb. Now on yer way.

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  • DavySpursTillIDie says:

    Its getting to the season of sh8 just some are better at it than others its in their breeding.

  • DavySpursTillIDie says:

    Oh first by the way forgot to say more sh8.

  • DavySpursTillIDie says:

    If i were to sell Bale it would be to Maddrid with Diarra and Haguin (spelling) coming the other way not to any side in the prem.

  • Laity says:

    I’m an idiot. To prove it, my ISP received a complaint about a comment I left on a blog.

    • AFelching says:

      I think you will find he is a business man and Spurs fan thank God, the idea that Danny would sell Modric for £20 million is not even worth talking about. Levy should get his Lawyers to ask the papers to reveal their source or stop talking shite, it is a bit like telling a bird on a first date you have a 12″ love baton swinging between your legs. Proof of the pudding and all that

  • Dan says:

    To Laity – “all that Jew gold” eh?? It just slips off the tongue doesn’t it, you ignorant arse-wipe!

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Duly removed. Sorry I didn’t pick that idiot up, mate.

      • Laity says:

        Have none of you ever said ‘yiddo’ or ‘yids’? We’re a club associated with Jews.. how is saying Jew gold so bad? It’s not like I was condoning the holocaust! Have none of you ever watched south park?

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I don’t know if your surname is Goldstein, but I do know it’s my blog and I’d rather you posted it elsewhere.

      • emspurs says:

        not to revive the old racist or not business of a few weeks ago – and not to support laity, who clearly is an idiot – but have to question your consistency here, H.

        If you’re going to crack down on this business, you should go back and edit out some of the decidedly un-kosher stuff said about asians in your park chu young post.

        Personally, I’d rather you edit neither and just let the clowns get chased from town, but if you’re gonna do one you have to do both.

        • Spurstacus says:

          For what its worth I think I agree with your last para. Expose the mo fo’s for what they are.

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I can’t be bothered to censor everything so the place is ‘by the book’ plus I’m sure if I did then it would inevitably become sterile.

          But if I see something that I don’t like it goes. The other benefit of me whacking the mo fo’s over the head at source is that it removes the whiny legions who begin posting stuff like, ‘so you support homophobia then, H?’ ‘You think Jews are this or that then H?’

          Unfortunately the decent readers such as yourselves are in a minority and it’s rarely the ‘put upon’ that get shirty, it’s the people who otherwise never comment who want to know why this blog isn’t moderated better.

        • melcyid says:

          Isnt the mo fos a music awards held every year?

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