Date: 7th June 2011 at 1:28pm
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The transfer windows are a mixed bag in the online world. Poor, football-less folk wander barren lands like dispossessed souls. From site to site they roam clicking in the vain for hope that their side has pulled off a coup, or better still not made another unmitigated howler.

I understand the commercial pressures. I’ve been at this for over a fortnight now. But for the love of sweet baby Jesus and the orphans when is the conveyor belt of human waste going to actually look at itself and ever blush?

A crappy made up story in the Sunday Express suddenly gives some anonymous lobotomised intern at license to catapult garbage at us.

What’s worse is that reads as if it was written by a Tomorrows’ World presenter with a sense of humour bypass. If it was an audio book it’d be read by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I hate to break up the party by announcing that not only have we run out of ice but the caterers and complimentary hookers have had to cancel, but this is cobblers. And it’s recycled cobblers at that – which is why I have this sudden apoplexic goat shortage.

And this from a man that has served up some rubbish in his time, but at least I had the front to be honest about it …and we’ve had some laughs along the way. ‘ Sign Bent’, anyone?

I know it’s tough out there but this is witless. This didn’t touch a nerve as I’m scared will leave. It touched a nerve as it’s baseless and dumb. Now on yer way.