Date: 13th July 2011 at 3:56pm
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Good afternoon fight fans.

After this morning’s fiasco courtesy of ’s brain surgeons PAUL JIGGINS and MARK IRWIN it must be a great idea for any fans with a spare 20 seconds or so to share their contempt with the people that employ these two plinths.

Mr Jiggins was on talkSPORT this morning talking to Chubby Cundy and Andy Goldstein. That was an aural experience. Still at home after 10am when he took the call as that is where he is to be found when he’s not and I quote….’‘Grabbing great scoops!’

Mmmn. On the strength of today Mr Jiggins, your idea of a great scoop is something still steaming, fresh from Fido’s bottom.

What sucks is not just that your information was 100% wrong but the impact was so significant that you shouldn’t be employed as a someone writing this type of stuff as you clearly have no awareness. No understanding.

Like your greasy now unemployed/about to jailed/about to jailed again colleagues at The News Of The Screws you saw sales as being far more important than the truth.

We all get it wrong. I have occasionally run a story that we are signing a player *Benzema*COUGH*Benzema*COUGH COUGH* who doesn’t sign, but unlike your Dawson tale the only casualty of a player not signing is …my own credibility.

In this instance the casualties of your tripe were Michael Dawson’s integrity and the integrity of the Board. Your article today was a big claim. You cannot make big claims without truly believing that your information is golden. From the horse’s mouth.

Not it’s bottom.

In your chat with Chubby Cundy you clearly thought you were the business. “Daniel could find himself in a hell of a lot of trouble.” You said.

“Reap the whirlwind, you ginger clown.” I say.

Step 1. C&P the text below:

FAO: Dominic Mohan, Editor The Sun.

Paul Jiggins is a brain dead slug, please fire him.

Yours sincerely,

Another customer lost to you and your advertisers.

Step 2:

You need to send it to to