The Nutter With The Putter On Loan!

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This was sent in by an eagled eyed reader Ms. Eva Vestoff from Cardiff City

I had a poke about on few other Cardiff boards to see if I could add any fuel to the rumour fire but all I discovered was that Cardiff fans are a breed apart. Thread titles genuinely included, ‘Pauline Quirk – Would You?’ ‘Have You Got A Criminal Record?’ and ‘Garden Fencing’ yes, it’s all happening in the Welsh capital.

Spoke to craigs cousin today who as i stated before used to be a employee of mine no bullsiht. He tells me harry redknapp was very keen last summer but with craig so intent on coming here he gave up.

He can confirm there has been contact between the parties but craig again is against the idea,however a season long loan appeals to craig should a deal be unable to be done to come back here.

His cousin tells me we are 100% his 1st choice but at his age he cant afford a season in reserves and a loan deal which doesnt incurr a reduction in wages maybe his only option. Dont shoot me im just passing on what ive been told. All im saying is as someone posted on here before craig going to spurs could happen [sic]

I do hope this is cobblers. Bellers is either past his sellĀ  by date or at the very least on the footballing reduced to clear shelf. Isn’t he?

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