We’re In Talks With Real Madrid

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And welcome to Friday, gateway to the weekend. I tell you this much, this weekend my ambition is to do less than nothing. If this weekend were a dog it’d be a poodle.

Real Madrid,talks in. That is from Football_Agent9Football Agent on the old Twitter malarky. I happen to think this chap is ‘good stuff.’ No cryptic Bow Locks, he tells you what he knows, to the best of his abilities, whenever he can.

 Source tells me Spurs are deep in negotiations with Real Madrid, not sure what for yet but will keep you posted.
So that should be just about sufficient to send your average Yid into a decent enough spin for oooh, days? Conspiracy theorists must opt for Mourinho. Lunatics for Kaka. My guess is we want to know what powder and fabric conditioner they use on their kits to keep ’em so smashingly brillaint white.
Answers on in the comments box shaped postcard below. The winner of the best reasoned or indeed unreasoned suggestion wins ‘ The Best Of Neil Sedaka’ LP autographed by David Pleat.
This gate-fold sleeve album includes a Polaroid of the ex Tottenham supremo wearing a ‘Brighton In Bloom 88’ t shirt baring the ball point dedication, ‘I miss you, my Calender Girl.’

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  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Too late :-p

  • chickenbadge says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo/PSB swap in the offing?

  • McG says:

    3rd :-V

  • @_dibbs says:

    It’s Not a fkn Chicken Jose!

  • Sean says:

    What’s to say its negotiations for us taking a playing from them?

    • @_dibbs says:

      Could be to add another £20m onto the scrawny little head of Modders ?

      • DYiddy says:

        If so, a bit of me hopes not, bit of me think 45m to a club abroad, lets get rid and move on. We still had control, so all parties win. Arry has come out on Sky Sports talking about a potential 35m offer from Chelski, would have thought Arry would have mentioned inerest from abroad if this was the case (wouldn’t have been able to help himself). How can Chelski keep making bids when we have said we are not selling? SHould this not be classed as tapping up?

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