Trading Standards Set To Swoop On Redschnapps

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Good morning.

I was looking forward to last night. Judging by the size of the crowd at The Lane I was not alone in my enthusiasm. Judging but the largely silent home support and mass exodus before the final whistle I wasn’t alone in being bored senseless by the first stage production of SNES’ Sensible Soccer On Ice.

It was contemptuous of all concerned that we were served up a reserves game. I’ve only watched one before and this was pretty much identical. Chase ball at lickerty split and barely a brain cell on the premises.

I’m not anti these kids, but having them inflicted on me for a UEFA game isn’t on.

I’m partial to a fish finger sandwich. But if I go to a restaurant and am presented with one when I’ve ordered the lobster I don’t think I’m being unreasonable asking the waiter if it’s a windup.

I challenge anyone who thinks I’m being harsh to explain how the atmosphere amongst Spurs in attendance was so rank and what was with all the empty seats? Did everyone suddenly remember they left the gas on?

Hearts made seven changes themselves and can take a hit while we’re at it. They also played a second rate mob compared to the game fielded at Tynecastle. By rights, Hearts fans should be mailed a refund inc. travel etc.Their only saving grace was the fact they we also ran out our Clearasil Kids.

You want player ratings? Everyone gets a solid 1 for managing to put their shirts on the right way round. I’d rather eat photocopier toner than watch another game like that. Unmitigated toss.

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  • totnam says:


    • @danbolden says:


      • dancingbarber says:

        Not replying to Tot or dan , but getting bit tired of scrolling through anti Harry petty pot shots so though I’d start here.

        For fs Harry we have had hordes on here complaining that Harry never gives the youngsters a look in (despite the fact that he has given a run out to quite a number and/or included them on the bench). Then when he does and they come up short it turns out that its all Redders fault.

        There have been those on earlier blogs saying don’t bother getting a striker give Kane a chance. Now we know that he can take a penalty as well as Defoe, but I know who I’d prefer starting.

        Because there is little transfer activity everything Harry says is pulled apart for double meanings and sometimes perverse interpretations.

        I too think Harry talks too much and says what he is thinking instead of taking the Don Corleone approach. So he likes Joe Cole….so what.

        Harry puts out teams that play the the Spurs way – glory or supreme disappointment – does for me.

        Our so called has beens that every one wants rid of and/or blames Harry for buying got us to the Champions league and 5th last season. In case anyone has noticed others have not been beating down our door to buy them. And I don’t believe the media version that it’s all Danny’s fault for asking too much.

        Ade will do well and our players will too until it’s crunch time – then this is Spurs we support.

        • spurious supporter says:

          Sorry Harry but you are wrong, and for the reasons outlined by the barber. The reason it was half empty was because the contest, if contest it was, was over in Edinburgh, when HR put out a proper team.
          HR isn’t perfect, he spouts like the fountain at Chatsworth House and isn’t exactly Rommel with the tactics, but some on here have offered unbalanced and unreasonable veiws. I’m hardly a happy clapper, but like a little logic with my criticism.
          It’s gonna be a long old season if we’re whining already.

  • ukphotographer says:

    Well said, i missed out on sunning myself by the pool to watch that nonsense. At least if he carries on playing the kids, this kind of thing wont carry on for too long.

  • @danbolden says:

    Thre are plenty more fish finger sandwiches in place of oysters and the like in the pipeline, Harry.

  • @danbolden says:

    On a sidenote, if Windy visits this, he’ll choke on his breakfast.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Ha. Windy is an excellent analyst of the youth, but I would be surprised if he’d pay CatA money to watch ’em.

  • dalziel says:

    Pav was shite…andros has been learning the art of crossing from lennon..

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