We CAN Do’em – The PreMatch Prattle

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Hello campers,

And so from yesterday to this evening… I genuinely think we can do this lot. What is key is for us to not sit around, huddled like dispossessed scaredy cats but to attack attack attack. ‘We scored one more than you!’ must be the battle cry tonight.

I have never seen the regimented, impenetrable ranks of Manchester United look so vulnerable.

Bizarrely our inept front line may well not prove a hindrance. In fact it’s a blessing that 3MP’s in the vets. An unsophisticated approach of hoofing isn’t the key to unlock their door.

Bale’s fearlessness, VdV’s wit and wisdom – these are the right tools fo this job.

Arry more than hinted that the team to play will be pretty much a repeat of the mob that did Hearts. Happy days. Fix bayonets…


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