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Guten Ahbend.

It is a rare thang that I let HH get hijacked. But this is a top notch gig and moreover it comes via extremely decent people. Quite straightforwardly get on Twitter and get involved! Those are your instructions, are they that complicated?! Sid Trotter will of course pioneer.

Just two days before Spurs face North London rivals Arsenal at White Hart Lane, King will appear before fans to give his opinions on the match and the 2011 / 12 Barclays Premier League so far.

Fans can submit questions to the defender in advance!

Via the Barclays Football Facebook page and the Barclays Footy Twitter account, using the hashtag #AskLedley as well as during the interview on Friday.

The best questions will be put to Sir Ledders Of  King on the day, giving fans the chance to interact live with the Barclays Premier League Tottingham player that is Sir Ledders of King !

If you miss the chance to watch Ledley King live, the full interview will be available on the Barclays Football You Tube channel from Friday afternoon

This is a proper exclusive for legend stalkers … So get involved!

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  • Oh Ledley, Ledley why do Sir Les and Eunice suddenly look competent when you play beside them?

  • Me Again says:

    Please no comments like we are confident we will beat them this time. I’m a little fed up with pre big match posturing that the opposition manager can use as a big stick to bash us with.

    I hear there are new rules on jockeys whip overuse – maybe we could have a ban on the overuse of the big stick too?

  • aidanross7 says:

    We r such a better team with ledley in it,id like 2 ask him how it feels 2 watch the boys from the side of the pitch and now hes a proper legend would he shoot s@l with a ball of his own shite oh and whos been his best partner,doherty,ramon vega need not apply coys

    • Benjamin says:

      The stats are amazing. Since HR started at the lane we have won about 70% of the games King has played in. We have wond around 30% of those he has not played in.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Ledley – I believe you can fly – it is probably easier than running for you. But if someone was to ask you, what is the best way to Cheltenham, would it be a) b) or c)?

  • knockem bandy says:

    Long live the King, a proper Spurs man. Twitter is a great way to get involved with loads of Spurs nuts, they are all on there

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