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Well sort of.

If you’ve been living in the sort of concrete pipe that middle eastern despots meet their grizzly end in, it may come as news to you that FIFA12 is out. Ordinarily the publicity for these things involves the usual round of posters on bus shelters and threats of ‘Manager Specials’ on wipeboards outside gaming shops.

Well I thought you might like this one… EA Sports are knitting what they confidently expect to be the The Worlds Longest Fan Scarf™ which will have sewn into it a messagesof support by football fans for their club.

Youb submit your message via Twitter so you have up to 140 characters to play with, so for example: Arry Redschnapp’s Blue & White Army! Come On You Spurs! #Tottenham #FIFA12SCARF and it gets knitted into a metre of the scarf and immortalised for ever.

To get involved, fans need to follow @EASPORTSFIFA on Twitter or Facebook. During the competition there are eight rounds – or eight chances – to seal your place on the scarf. Watch out for the alerts when each round opens, then write a message of support for their club before the round closes. It’s first-come, first-stitched, so only the fastest fans will get their message knitted for real into a metre of the scarf. Not only will fans have the chance to get their message immortalised into football history alongside the likes of Rooney, Kaka and other football stars, they’ll also be part of our Guinness World Record attempt for the longest ever fan scarf.

Now the reasom I’m sharing this with you is that these message spots are limited. As said, EA Sports will be running a series of 8 rounds whereby the fastest fan to submit their message gets it stitched onto the scarf. But HH readers – or at least 2 of you – don’t have to leave it to chance.

I’ve secured 2 message spots on the scarf just for us!

So get thinking and get submitting. The ‘rules’ as such are pretty obvious. Your message needs to be positive and suitable for a family audience. Oh hang on, this is going out to the wrong people…  


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