Arry Redschnapps vs Big Martin Jol: FIGHT!

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Good morning.

There is rather interesting website that goes by the name of and Paul, the chap what owns and writes it is a Tottingham fan of some considerable standing. If you want to go missing for a while and enjoy yourself while your gone, give him a click.

I’m easily distracted and hadn’t looked at the site for some time but whilst taking a peek at Spurs Community I clocked a thread that had highlighted an interesting ‘milestone’ that had been originally highlighted on Paul’s site.

Big Martin Jol and our Arry have now been in charge for precisely the same quantity of Premier League games.

       ARRY REDSCHNAPPS                          BIG MARTIN JOL

Played:                         114                                                               114

Won:                                56                                                                 47

Drawn:                           29                                                                30

Lost:                                29                                                                 37

Goals For:                  175                                                              169

Against:                       133                                                              148

Goal Difference:    +42                                                              +21

Points Won:              197                                                              171

Average Points
Per Game:                   1.73 (66 per full season)                     1.5 (57 per)

Win %:                         49.12%                                                       41.23%

Now of course anyone can argue that all these numbers may be correct and in proper order but at the end of the day you’re not comparing like with like. The players were different, the fixtures were in a different order against teams fielding different players …yadda yadda ya.

But that doesn’t stop the figureseing of interest…

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