Date: 27th November 2011 at 6:08pm
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Good evening legal eagles.

and Richard Keys could face contempt of court charges after having a pop at on their awful  talkSPORT radio show

A spokesman for Attorney General Dominic Grieve confirmed he is considering action against Gray and Keys and Talksport radio station.

Of course yours truly was on the end of call from the Met last week after very interesting online documents were linked to from this blog. No two ways about it, the Redschnapps’ Corporation have mounted a massive damage limitation exercise here.

I should declare my interest. 

I hope walks and continues his good works. But as far as Richard Keys and are concerned… my contempt is unchecked.

Forget the specifics of this situation. These two reprehensible hyenas were expelled from and managed like the cockroaches that they truly are to scurry into the hopefully short-lived safety of talkSPORT.

I could go on for page upon page as to how awful these two crumbs are. But all you need to know is that their’s is the only show that doesn’t take calls on a station called …talkSPORT.

Interesting when Keys was on his own the other day that he broke down and blurted, ‘I will of course respond to all Tweets and emails, but not abuse!’

Oh Dick…



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