If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Twitch It

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Good morning.

Our tight lipped, ashen faced supremo Arry Redschnapps has decided to confound his critics and implement a managerial masterstroke. 

“Aaron’s been in good form lately. I think he’s better on the left than on the right, in all honesty. When he comes on the left, like he did at Fulham and against Bolton, he can score.

He likes to duck inside on his right foot, or he can take it past you.

“I think he gets more opportunities to score goals when he plays on the left. On the other side he tends to go one way. 

When he gets on the left side, he squares people up and he can come inside around the box and he’s got that shot on all the time. I think he’s happier on the left.

Now I’ve seen this work on a couple of occasions. I admit that. But I’ve seen it not work more frequently.

Yes, Arry has done brilliantly, but he’s got this wrong. This is the same guy who thought the boy Bale was in his best position as a left back.  Mixing it up mid game is a good idea but swapping Bale and Azza over on a permanent basis is surely going to generate play as ‘predictable’ as it is right now. 

This is all about facilitating Azza who appears to routinely lack inventiveness and of course a decent final ball. Harsh? Well we spend every season watching essentially the same spiel. Gets the ball, hares off like a lunatic, crosses into row G. That’s if he’s not recovering from some injury at a pace that would put an octogenarian to shame.

No, what’s needed to greater variety in Azza Blud’s play opposed to accommodating his weaknesses. 

Lennon – on his day – is an exceptional player but to my mind he is at most exciting when he breaks from the clock work mouse drill of pelting up the wing. I’m not suggest he knock that stunt on the head, rather he add more moves to his rather limited repertoire. 

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  • bobspurs says:


  • bobspurs says:

    Yay!!!! On a more serious note though, what i think we need is another winger to give us more variety out there. Not in any way suggesting Lennon out or anything but just to give some other options.

    Would have loved Mata who can play either side….such a shame GDS has not turned into that player that we all thought he would.

    • Anthony In That Number says:

      Hoillet could be the quality option if we can get him at a sensible price. He is out of contract in the Summer so I`m sure DL will look to deal if he is on HR`s wanted list. We do however still need to offlead a few…. the usual suspects spring to mind… Pav, Corlucka, Bassong, Gio, also it is a shame but probably Krankie as well. I really like Krankie and if fit think he could do a great job on the left of midfield as a reserve for Bale or playing just behind Adebayor in the hole as stand in for DVD. BUT he will never be 1st choice in either position at WHL so will probably move on.
      If we could get Llorente, Vertonghen, and Hoillet in with say Pav, Corlucka & Bassong out then that would be brilliant, albeit very optimistic in the January market.

      • AmDamSpur says:

        Vertonghen is brilliant, but (for once) Ajax are trying to keep a young team together rather than sell. No CL for them would possibly change that though…

  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    I think he has been showing a lot more in our recent run than the player I described as ‘brainless’ just a couple of months ago. A quick check through his assists will show some good variation, particularly cutting in off the right and running across the face of the opponent’s penalty area rather than the head down sprint for the byline. Bale has been the beneficiary more than once. Still not the finished article but clearly fitter now and growing in confidence.

  • Hamish says:

    I’d give Harry a bit more credit. I think he’s already some way ahead of you.

    One of the exceptionally pleasing aspects of our recent run has been the sight of Azza and Gazza popping up all over the place leaving flat back fours chasing shadows. The real beauty is in the two interchanging and keeping the opposition guessing – right backs drilled all week on how to prevent Bale getting to the byline suddenly face Azza cutting inside – centre backs sticking to Ade like honey to a knife handle suddenly find the boy Bale driving through the gap from the centre – wonderful, wonderful stuff.

    • Razspur says:

      Entirely in agreement, at the moment the interchanging is our Ace and with Ade drawing defenders wide there`s scope for Bale, Lennon, Defoe and the Croat to exploit.
      Yes if we were to move Lennon to LW and Bale to RW permanently that would become predictable and easily defended.
      As the “Fab Four” advised “Let it be” (The current fab four, Bale,Parker,Lennon and the Croat).

  • Pablo says:

    Mug! You think it’s right calling Redknapp twitch and names alike he had a car accident which left him like that! Dont think that’s grounds to take the piss! P.s he is our manager so why?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Why don’t you go and find a nice tree to hug?

    • Essexrocks says:

      Pablo, Pablo, Pablo.

      Either get yourself a sense of humour or at least do us a favour and go away son.

      Kiss kiss.

    • AmDamSpur says:

      I heard it was coz of Jaime slapping him with a Wii controller after losing a game of Mario Kart.

      He was Wario, naturally.

    • John Pertwee says:

      Pablo are you inferring that our beloved manager is not the full shilling, you do mention “he had a car accident which left him like that”. Most of us would have been tactful but you don`t hold back. I believe you are better employed with your painting………………a friend of mine in Haringay BC needs numbers painted on the council bins but it`s a difficult job because they run, 1,3,5,7,9 & 2,4,6,8…..i know almost impossible.

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