Here’s The Haringey Council Agenda For 13.02.12

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Good morning.

I have a few things to attend to before the undertaker arrives to prepare my mortal remains… so I won’t wade through these docs line by line. It would also be far more interesting to hear your thoughts on them.

In broad brushstrokes 2016 is the proposed year they let the Client Reference numbers loose on the premises. And then here’s my facile pick of the pops.

Click on the image below for the full Agenda – and my sincere thanks by the way to Fatfish for the heads up on this. 

  • Haringey residents to first dibs on development job opportunities. Treat yourself or a loved one to a match day Ralph Coates™ hair extension courtesy of THFC’s Official Syrup, Nail Bar, Internet & Western Union Transfer Partner, ‘Tropical Tings’.
  • THFC to pay for new signage (estimated cost) £477,000. Harry Hotspur Highways Inc. (Est. 20 minutes ago) is working around the clock on making ‘some signs’ in order to tender for this windfall contract.
  • A shuttle bus to run to/from Victoria. May your gods go with you.
  • A target of 77% of attendees at games not use a car for the bulk of their travel to games. Which is cool.
  • A third escalator at Tottenham Hale. Which of course TFL have yet to agree to – Get On With It!
  • Podium & Access Space to host at least 12 community events per annum. But why is this only for 6 years? 
  • Move to Haringey! Priority season tickets for year one of the development. ‘My name and address? Yes, it’s J R Hartley, care of flat 93, Loota Towers, Tenants Ave, N17.’
  • The re-naming of White Hart Lane East. The Chick King cul-de-sac could become a reality. Vote now!
  • The instigation of a Car Club. I can’t work out what this. Hopefully a priority area for dogging.
  • A 25 year lease for a 1000 sq ft of Health Care. If you can get past the the gentleman in a trance clutching a purple tin nodding to the centre’s musak, you can speak to a member of staff about having a the syringe you stood on removed from your shoe.
  • £1.861m on improvements and highway works to Northumberland Park, Landsdowne Road and the High Road. So that’s what buying Pienaar was all about.

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  • a+e shot my cat says:

    The walk from 7 sisters is fitastic.

  • onedavemackay says:

    This is rubbish. They make no mention of increased provision for Turkish restaurants. Koyum is getting more packed with every match and sometimes it’s a struggle to get a table. What will it be like with an extra 24000 trying to get in ?

  • a+e shot my cat says:

    Harry (in jest ?)accuses reporter of getting him out of the England job before he gets it.Does not sound positive for us fans as he has not ruled out a move.

    • jim says:

      He also used the word flattered. Which on occasion I’ve used through my life, always to get me out of something. Generally a aesthetically unpleasing girl! :whistle:

      • Essexian76 says:

        Watched the press conference on SSN and less convinced he’ll stay at the Lane than I was yesterday. However, there’s no way I’d play poker with him either. Strangely enough I was thinking about 1987-8,when Venables was sacked by Barca and curiously the press got wind of the original ‘Man in the raincoats’ nocturnal excursions…within a season, all Pleat had done was undone.. we be seeing the likes of Brian Statham wearing the Lilywhite and waving goodbye to Clive Allen, Method and Nico Claesen and anyone else deemed to be a Pleat buy-Yeah, can’t wait!

        • jim says:

          I just can’t understand why he would want it. FFS we’ve hardly had top managers in that role for long enough. Still if he wants to be lambasted as “The wally with a brolly” or be drawn as a “Turnip Head” that’s his decision. When all this calms down and he can think, he’ll know where his future lays. So I expect an answer pre-season.
          As for us god knows what DL has up his sleeve, Jose has been mentioned a fair bit but that will depend on funds and wages I suspect. I would say Brendan Rogers, Swansea play great football and in our style but will that keep the big names happy?
          Its a royal pain in the Arse, quite frankly England and the FA can go F*** themselves. :-(

        • Essexian76 says:

          Rodgers wouldn’t be a bad choice given the style and approach-but,I’d think many players would see his appointment as a lack of ambition by the club and walk, also if Redknapp given his recent record with us is still classed by many ‘experts’ as ‘FCking useless’, how would they then perceive Rodgers?, considering he was outed by Reading!

        • jim says:

          That’s the problem. I reckon he (BR) will be hot property in the future but not now. The only way we will keep the players is with a high profile appointment. I’m not sure if that will happen. Any thoughts?

        • Essexian76 says:

          Well JimLad, I’m still betting on Harry staying but as I said not quite as sure, I still believe in loyalty to those who deserve it, and I feel Harry owes Levy that at least. If-and it’s a big if, Harry leaves-I’d be content to see Sherwood, at least as a number two take the helm with perhaps a Hiddink type figurehead. That way the infrastructure (which concerns me the most), remains constant and those that demand a ‘big name’ are satisfied.

        • Gilzeanwasgod says:

          Why the obsession with ‘big names’? As I recall a certain Alex Ferguson had won something like the Scottish under-14 netball league before he joined MU and la Whinger was big in Japan. I don’t recall their appointment being called a ‘lack of ambition’. Big names usually have big egos and a big price tag, neither of which fit in with the Levy plan for sustainable excellence. I think we should be looking for the next big thing, not the last one. Brendan Rodgers certainly has the potential, as do Lambert at Norwich and Adkins at Southampton. We are not a big budget club compared to those around us so we need a manager who is hungry and creative. Even HR has had to deal in the real world despite his regular pleas to spend £30 million on the player who ‘will make a difference’.

        • Hartley says:

          Brendan Rodgers would be an excellent choice although he signed a further 3 years on his contract at the swans yesterday in order I guess to boost their compensation….on the plus side ‘a priority area for dogging’ is something that WHL has been crying out for since long before the glory days… :daumen:

        • Essexian76 says:

          @GWG-I know you were TIC, but assuming you wasn’t, If you recall, SAF turned us down shortly before taking over MU in 1986, that’s why Pleat was given the job. Also winning European silverware with Aberdeen and breaking up the Old Firm, wasn’t a mean feat, however the transition to English football wasn’t plain sailing, I’d wager if he had taken the Spurs job-he would’ve been sacked within two seasons.’ Big names’ come with Big wages, and Big Idea’s and huge compensation payouts when they don’t deliver-just saying!

        • greavesie says:

          Fergie had won the European Cup with Aberdeen – hardly a netball achievement

    • a+e shot my cat says:

      Got to give it to Whinger and Rednose they stay loyal to their clubs and do not court the press.Harry deserves all the s**t the gutter press can dish out if he does a runner.The fans deserve an answer from Arry NOW.

      • Essexian76 says:

        He cannot consider or answer a question if none’s been asked?

        • a+e shot my cat says:

          Whats the question on every Spurs Fan(not England) lips ? Simple enough 4 U.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Simple enough, obviously not-he cannot decline what’s not be offered or negotiated with Levy and Spurs, who I should point out is still under contract with-too complicated for you?

        • Spurfectionist says:

          I understand what you are saying a+e and so do alot of other fans, all Arry has too say is that he is seeing out his contract at Spurs and remaining loyal.

        • Essexian76 says:

          We never know nor ever will what the real relationship is between Harry and DL, but if anyone thinks for a single moment that Levy hasn’t already worked out the possibilities then I’m a monkeys uncle. It was a distinct possibility Harry would get porridge, so he would’ve had a plan for that. Capello was going in the summer, so again, he’d have worked that into the equation. We’ve also got to factor in that Spurs stood by Harry as well, now that could be even more leverage than distancing him-So DL has all bases covered in any event-a I said before,my only concern is the club and not undoing all the work HR and his team have achieved, and I’d reckon Levy’s remit is exactly the same-maybe I’m wrong-who knows-yet!

        • Essexian76 says:

          Sorry but meant to add-It’s going to cost tHe FA an awful lot more by harry saying nothing than if he professes his desire to manage England..think about it-I’m sure Harry and Daniel have :whistle:

  • Billy Legit says:

    I never knew Mel Brooks was a member of the Village People…… learn something new everday!

  • Yachtsman says:

    Sterling job, HH, in getting the details out for us to digest.

    NDP, Mark II, still seems so far away, and with the overall economy in the UK and Europe weak (and becoming weaker?), even the dates indicated seem unrealistic. Would help if there were a solid naming rights deal in place. Would help, also, if ENIC were to show its hand in a more concrete way (both of which developments may be in the works?).

    With this sort of a schedule, why should ‘Arry stay? By the time things are up and running he will be in his seventies. And where will the money come from to keep our stars committed in the interim.

    And so it goes…

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