Date: 10th February 2012 at 11:22am
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Good morning.

I have a few things to attend to before the undertaker arrives to prepare my mortal remains… so I won’t wade through these docs line by line. It would also be far more interesting to hear your thoughts on them.

In broad brushstrokes 2016 is the proposed year they let the Client Reference numbers loose on the premises. And then here’s my facile pick of the pops.

Click on the image below for the full Agenda – and my sincere thanks by the way to Fatfish for the heads up on this. 

  • Haringey residents to first dibs on development job opportunities. Treat yourself or a loved one to a match day Ralph Coates™ hair extension courtesy of THFC’s Official Syrup, Nail Bar, Internet & Western Union Transfer Partner, ‘Tropical Tings’.
  • to pay for new signage (estimated cost) £477,000. Harry Hotspur Highways Inc. (Est. 20 minutes ago) is working around the clock on making ‘some signs’ in order to tender for this windfall contract.
  • A shuttle bus to run to/from Victoria. May your gods go with you.
  • A target of 77% of attendees at games not use a car for the bulk of their travel to games. Which is cool.
  • A third escalator at Hale. Which of course TFL have yet to agree to – Get On With It!
  • Podium & Access Space to host at least 12 community events per annum. But why is this only for 6 years? 
  • Move to Haringey! Priority season tickets for year one of the development. ‘My name and address? Yes, it’s J R Hartley, care of flat 93, Loota Towers, Tenants Ave, N17.’
  • The re-naming of White Hart Lane East. The Chick King cul-de-sac could become a reality. Vote now!
  • The instigation of a Car Club. I can’t out what this. Hopefully a priority area for dogging.
  • A 25 year lease for a 1000 sq ft of Health Care. If you can get past the the gentleman in a trance clutching a purple tin nodding to the centre’s musak, you can speak to a member of staff about having a the syringe you stood on removed from your shoe.
  • £1.861m on improvements and highway works to Northumberland Park, Landsdowne Road and the High Road. So that’s what buying was all about.