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Good morning.

This came in last night and after having a chat this morning with the people involved I think it’s something well worth sharing.

Contributions are being sought for what looks to be an exciting project called, ‘Tottenham Anthology’. The idea is get all those hair on the back of moments to do with Spurs all wrapped up in one book.

Here’s some blurb. 

We want your Spurs memories, anecdotes and photographs to aid the compilation of Tottenham : Anthology.

Commissoned by a major UK publishing house, Tottenham Anthology is set upon harnessing the visceral, as every contribution is an emotional pooling of experiences and opinion by those who have lived and breathed their lives in Lilywhite hues. 

This is quite simply a ground breaking project where ordinary fans can add to an anecdotal memory palace – dedicated to the most wonderful football club.

This book will prove to be a defining work for several generations of fans. The sheer power of the memories that following Tottenham evokes is phenomenal. And this truly is a powerful Anthology, harnessing the visceral that turned us all from ‘normal’ people into devout members of one the most incredible football tribes the world has ever seen.

Make no mistake. This will be  a lavish book. Tottenham Anthology will capture treasured anecdotes, tales of delight and woe – all manner of memories for all time and this beautiful book’s appearance will really reflects that sentiment.

An ambitious statement by any standards, but books like this don’t come along everyday and it’s one I will be contributing to. Having seen some of the proposed content it’s obviously going to be a bit special not to mention available for sale from all the usual good booksellers. 

What is also very good is you don’t need to be a budding author to join in as Tottenham Anthology has an Editorial Team who can give anyone’s memories the once over and convert them into glorious prose. Triffic.

Their website is HERE

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