The 10 O’Clocker | Hazard, Dembele & Adrian …Feh

Guten Abend.

The near feverish allure of the old Premiership rupees combined with a resurgent season have only added vim and vigor to the Tottingham’s place in transfer tittle tattle.

Eden Hazard’s name is still doing the rounds. No shocker there. One minute he’s saying we’d fit the bill (bless him) the next he’s flattered by interested in interest from Sluralix. The boy’s done well, hence perhaps the initial Premiership interest from Auntie Wenger. 

Bottom line is he’s an arguably polished Taarabt. To be frank I’m struggling to see the allure.

Another name doing the rounds is that of Moussa Dembele. Ouch. I’d kinda hoped we weren’t in Fulham territory these days when it came to transfer speculation.  Yep, upon careful consideration I’d rather have a tooth removed by a drunk with crowbar than see some 3rd rate plumber’s mate like Moussa in the Lilywhite.

Elsewhere, the 24 year old Spanish International Adrian is linked. With £15m’s worth of buy out clause it doesn’t make him impossible, but is he Champions League material? I’m unconvinced.

My concern is more about who will be managing us after August and who’ll they will actually buy…



  1. Hazard a polished Taarabt? Harry, I’m not sure you’ve seen enough of this boy in action. If we pay 30m for him, we’ll double our money in 2 years.

  2. nope, bored by your negative outlook now. to think you used to be amusing.

    cheerio website, not really worth the bother

    1. ignore that phil fellow. I don’t think he is the full digestive you know. Talking to a website of all things. He has smoked some banana skins per chance? Oh and doesn’t he reek to the high heavens of beetroot sandmichaelwiches

      1. Harry take heart. There are loads of us on here that love your negative outlook, and are sticking with this blog even though you are no longer amusing. :kissing:

        BTW I generally come here for the ads, and scan through comments while I wait for them to load. I find that the blog is really good for exposure to unsolicited advertising, and of course unsolicited comments from morons.

      1. I’m Philling up :cwy: where’s my onion?.
        He does have a point though, you Smith’s fans have taken over the asylum. Top up the Lithium/Prozac you miserable Lemmings, before you become ex Spurs fans, or bore us supporters to death ;-)

    1. General Levy’s prime target’s a Hazard. Question is, does he blow everyone out the water to complete his mission?

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