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Good afternoon fight fans.

Bolt On in the FACUP make it is then. And before any examination of our own can of worms transpires we need to stare long and hard into the face of the opposition. Well, in actual fact, not too long.  The Wanderers have had an abysmal season. 

The Trotters sit fourth from bottom only as the suicide wish has been stronger in a hopeless Wigan, a Wolves side that when in free fall was actually sabotaged by their own board and a QPR mob that are literally a bonfire of vanities.

‘Form goes out the window in the Cup!’

I’m split as how to reply to such a call. Split between answering, ‘That’s rubbish’ or ‘So what?’

The bottom line is that they have played some of the most uninspiring Premiership football this season. So are they up for doing a ‘Birmingham’ or up for staying in the division? Again, who cares, as I do not recognise this mob as a credible obstacle.

Above is my selection.  But this is wholly dependent upon the players being deployed to their strengths. Without being cute, you can take those players, stick Brad up front in a 451 and it doesn’t work.


Arry is many things but ‘unaware of the grief he will have personally aimed at him should we go out of the Cup’ isn’t one of them. It will be interesting to put it mildly to see just how we do. Tomorrow.  We ought to win. We bloody well will win. So 3-0 for me.

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