The 11 O’Clocker : The Vicarious Grief Souvenir Special

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Good evening.

I’ve been weighing up the pros and cons of being more direct on this whole Muamba business for a day or two but the player’s recovery seems a near platinum clad juncture to actively lose even more readers.

Come on, you can’t have it both ways.  A self confessed hit whore [hello fans :winke:] driving his publicity vehicle into a brick wall won’t come as easy to some. A dream come true. And on a school night, I tell you! 

Unquestionably brilliant news from numerous accredited sources aplenty is that Fabrice Muamba is not only alive but he’s also doing well, but he’s beginning to laugh and joke and chatting away in several languages.

But how will this undeniably extremely brilliant news be embraced by the bleeding hearts and ‘rent-a-weep’ gang? 

My guess is the reaction to this superb news will be stifled. Nigh on non existent.Why? Bad news always travels 27 times faster than good. This is a fact that can be supported by anyone who ever waited for a rejection letter after a job interview.  But it’s not the stuff that gets even the dumbest pray mongerers in a chatty frame frame of mind.

Am I wrong? Where’s the #MedicallyQualifiedPeopleSavedHim hashtag? In fact, where is the #WePrayedHimWell hashtag? 

The time for the unthinking, pack mentality, plastic grieving of the emotionally vulnerable is over. Well, until they latch on to the next one, of course…


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