Date: 16th April 2012 at 10:27am
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Good morning.

A bad beginning makes a bad ending. Eurpides said that. He was right.

Two instances were brought to my attention yesterday of Chelsea fans singing about Auschwitz and hissing on the London Underground. Both accounts are without doubt completely credible and one shared with me by a disgusted Arsenal fan.

In the stadium the interruption of the minutes silence was indeed disrupted, but not by a small ‘minority’ as CFC would like to deliberately masquerade it. The chants and cat calls came from the upper tier of Wembley. They were protracted and clearly came from two or three different areas of that section. Video here.

The Chelsea fans were to the left and the noise mostly from the upper areas as  I said. This YouTube clip on a mobile phone seems to have been made from beyond the halfway line so you can understand this was not ‘a minority’.

In the last half hour of the game, the same CFC fans were audibly hissing and coins were thrown down at fans.

Behind the area I was in to the right, the presence of a steward only just diffused a seriously aggressive pair of Chelsea fans in the face, screaming, swearing and clearly threatening a woman and a man from their balcony position where I believe they were guests in a box. 

So that was the beginning. 

The game itself got underway well enough, they scored, then they scored again of course and here’s proof it didn’t cross the line for those that might still require same… There’s gif of the fiasco, here.

The clip also serves first and foremost as evidence that Terry clearly fouled King and arguably Benny too. 

It may be of interest to say here that there were 6 ‘goals’ scored yesterday. This one was the only one not replayed in the stadium.  said the Daily Mail he spoke to ‘referee’ Martin Atkinson:

“He says he feels worse than I do. I said: “I don’t think so He knows he’s made a mistake and he says he’ll have a bad week as well.”

I won’t blather on about the need for technology. The argument it isn’t required is much easier to address. If you don’t think technology is needed then you either have already have been or ought to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

My decision to bin Redschnapps was made some weeks ago. Remaining happy clappers on the Arry bus need to stop licking the windows, put their misplaced jingoism down and join the rest of us in the real world. 

“It was key moment but we were still bang in the game at 2-1. We were chasing the game and we ended up four forwards on the pitch. I brought another forward on and we looked to open. We got punished and they picked us off.”

Arry yesterday.

“I played 442 today …I thought we were too open.”

“People say to me we’re better when we’re 442, I think we played that way today and I didn’t like the look of us, I thought we were miles too open.”

Arry after the humiliation. 

He simply doesn’t know what he’s doing and he’s proving this by repeating the same mistakes, time after time. I maintain that we have an exciting squad that if managed coherently could do some damage. Genuinely compete.

Persisting with King looked like a disaster and proved to be just that. The poor guy makes Heskey look like Hussain Bolt. Parker needed Sandro. That pairing works. But Arry was obviously concerned about the lack of height at the back and he was sacrificed. 

Removing Rafa was also stupid. Yet again, we couldn’t create much primarily because our passing was so shockingly poor but Arry saw bunging on more strike power as a solution. Arry would undoubtedly reply, ‘You fink you can do a better job you do it, then.’ 

I don’t believe we’ll make that place now. It would require a u-turn of proportions. While this dolt is still running the show we won’t as they say in horse racing circles, beat the handicapper.

I could weep.

 5.001 Name me any goalie that back four in front of him would have done a better job. Horrible horrible day for him. 

 5.093 He looked terribly casual about things. It’s pretty clear that the cornrows make him more focused. If you want to dispute that, be my guest. Some shocking passing.

 5.0093 Oh dear. Some glimpses of the General, but teamed up with Lurch from the Addams Family and Forest Gump he too frequently was left chasing shadows. 

 3.002 Needs to be urgently retired. You do not, repeat do not keep selecting a player who isn’t up to the task, especially when he cannot train. Madness. 

 3.054 Out of his depth is the kindest thing I can say. Makes Forest Gump look like Albert Einstein is the unkindest. Some shocking passing.

 7.654 Our MOTM. Again. Never seen a player like him for us in my lifetime. I’d put him above Graham Roberts. Gave all, ran himself ragged, made some brilliant interceptions. Made some shocking passes.

 6.087 Without Sandro to shore him up he spent an awful lot of time mopping up when he’s at his best being sparking, creating. With Parker up to his knickers in blood & guts and hanging around like he’s waiting for a bus Modders frequently got lost in the crowd.

 6.075 Some astonishing runs down the left wing. But when he hasn’t got the ball he has to be one of the laziest players I have ever seen in my life. 

 5.999 Skipped and fizzed but all too frequently didn’t actually achieve too much. Really wish he wasn’t having to trade one -twos with , who isn’t good enough a foil in the last third for us. Should have shot on goal, not passed that time.

 7. 677 Some outstanding contributions early on but the shape of the team yet again didn’t promote him, it held him back. Arry’s too fick to know how to use him.

 7. 679 Another one who was completely committed to the cause. His first touch isn’t great, but then most of our passes to each other were over hit or under hit.