Date:11th April 2012 at 9:40am
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Good morning.

Having relentlessly shredded our manager like he was going into a Hannibal Lecter type coleslaw …we have an FA Cup semi final looming.

Your Cheatski has no regard for human life, not even of his own. For this reason men, I want to impress upon you the need for extreme watchfulness. The enemy may come individually, or in strength. He may even appear in the form of Fernando Torres. But however we must stop him.

apologies to Gen. Jack D Ripper

Cheatski will be looking at Spurs and licking their lips at the very thought. And it’s difficult to oppose the optimism. Since di Matteo took over, the natural order at Second Hand Fridge has been restored. Nephew Fwank is going through the gears and the boy Torres is slowly but surely coming out of shell.

To add to the feel good factor, whoever wins this game faces either a hit and miss Everton or a dysfunctional Liverpool. I submit that who wins our game will win the Cup.

So will we lose? King being utterly knackered at a time when Dawson is out is nothing shy of disasterous. This leaves the way clear for Half Nelsen who I know some of you haven’t written off, but I’, genuinely struggling to see the good in. We looked like the Keystone Kops back there at the weekend.

Pathe News Boy ought to be rested and hopefully sitting out the Norwich game will have given Sandro an opportunity to refocus his mind. 

In the midfield, it’s fingers crossed. Will Modric sit centrally? Will Bale and Azza get told to play to their strengths or …not?

Up front it’s equally a lottery. Defoe as an impact sub is undoubtedly the way forward. Now I am convinced the Midget Gem would shake his head at the sound of this, but he needs to rethink that response. Let’s be brutally frank. He only scores goals. He invariably contributes bugger all to general game-play. In effect, he’s an assassin. In – kill – out. What would he rather do, ponce about for 90 minutes occasionally *ahem* getting caught offside, or zip on late and score?

Adebayor and Saha played well together once I know they did. I didn’t dream it, …did I? So they need the same class of supply at they got that day – all of the time. And less of this, ‘they don’t track back’ cobblers.

All the assets are there. It’s down to how they are managed on the day. Let me leave you with that chilling thought. And this corker of a picture highlighted by @SerfCity