More Corners Than A Müller Light Factory

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Good afternoon.

Where to begin? Well Aston Villa are yet another side we’ve encountered this season who aren’t exceptional at playing football, but they are blatantly better managed than us since Arry, ‘went wrong’ on us.

The away support was as ever, so excellent and the Villans might want to stop a while and ponder just who they need to direct their angst at. I get the frustration; but had we played you before the, ‘England’ fiasco we would’ve probably thumped you.

Bale is giving everyone a migraine. He returns a pass then pings off centrally for the next slice of the action. Which 99% of the time never ensues. 

Kyle Walker needs managing. These Forest Gump runs are producing little and defensively he’s looking like a part timer.

Danny Rose’s red wasn’t only deserved, I glad it happened as even someone as blinkered as Arry can’t deny he’s actually thicker than Baldrick.

The icing on the time expired cake of course was the Cagney death scene of Arry working out what to do substitute wise. He had Defoe ready to come on. Then Ade scored the pen and so he then hesitated further before swapping Rafa for …Parker.

Which only serves to show how genuinely clueless the man is. We’re well beyond, ‘a point would be alright’ territory. Well beyond. But that’s what that sub meant.

I lost count of the corners we won. We scored from a penalty. Go figure. Coaching?

Player ratings etc in the am.

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