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Good morning.

Difficult to know quite how to approach this.  I can’t even fake incredulity over a season that was such a joy that has turned into, well …an ingrowing toenail. 

The soundtrack to the build up of the game itself wasn’t so much the cheery humming of Chas & Dave, more Arry making a series of backhanded confessions about his frankly unforgivable behaviour.

He admitted that Levy & Co. plus others at the club thought he had been distracted by the England business. A backhanded way of acknowledging many of us want to kill him for abandoning us. He told the Independent that he hadn’t got it because he was too outspoken. A backhanded confession he has a mouth approximately 2437 times larger than his brain. 

Trawling through Arry’s post match comments since Fabio resigned and the singular theme that has emerged is the one of ‘luck’. Luck has conspired against us. We were ‘unlucky’. We ‘battered’ ’em yet just didn’t get ‘the break’. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I can understand when at the fun fair you chuck a ball at a coconut and miss. Bad luck! But to wheel out the absence of a rabbit’s foot, the fact that you forgot to throw salt over your shoulder whilst wearing lucky pants whilst reciting the Lord’s Prayer backwards after a dozen games doesn’t stack up.

The saddest thing is watching our cracking squad being mismanaged by a dithering, deceitful and demented Pearly King with a button eating disorder. 

Walker is now our free kick specialist, right winger and occasional right back. 

On Danny Rose, he’s thick, for sure, but far from the villain in of the piece. Those that Tweeted abuse at him ought wind it in. There has to be line drawn between letting off steam online and what you say and do in real life. I don’t go to games and boo. I go to scream, sing (after a fashion) and shout the lads on. 

And on this subject. Will those of you with such a huge hole in your lives that feel the urge to try and police what people type online …kindly naff off? You’re holier than thou garbage is giving the rest of us who are balanced and normal a headache.

‘Patience!’ ‘Get behind the team!’ ‘This is the best we’ve done in 47 years!’ If you genuinely want to release these upbeat emotions, then buy a bloody ticket and spare the rest of us the religious zealot spiel. Nobody who enjoys free thought is with you. We don’t need policing.

The game was predictable enough fare. At one stage we counter attacked, yes counter attacked to find seven Villans in their penalty area …not including Given.

Tactically Arry screwed up yet again. In a nutshell he waited forever after Rose was sent off and then when we desperately needed a goal, he brought on Scotty Parker. Three at the back was the answer, but he’s too obstinate to even consider it.

The Fulham game could well turn out to be the Tea Time of The Long Knives.

 5.009 Shocking goal. He didn’t even move. 

 4.000 Guilty of being too gormless to wear the shirt. 

 6.999 He’s largely just what the Dr. ordered.

 6.876 Took his goal well, otherwise a commanding shift.

 4.003 Good at running, but also frequently outwitted by sheep. 

 7.234 Does the job of four men every game.

 6. 564 A bit wasteful, a bit not quite at the races, 

 7.001 Better, not worth £40m yet but looking sharper.

 6.345 If you stayed on the left son, you’d achieve much more.

 7.145 He’d do a lot better with Kyle and Bale playing in position.

 7.212 His first touch is routinely iffy. Come on Ade, sort it out!

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  • johnhalloween says:

    Same old same old from redknapp. His tactical shortcomings are like a cancerous wort on my bell end that is there every time I whip out el capitane to urinate. Major surgery is necessary if my shlong is to ever be the swelling member it was destined to be. I need to get rid of my testicles jordan and bond. Is redknapp playing modric on the right and lennon on the left taking the piss?
    HH you claim lennon is ineffective at times but maybe that is because he has Walker bombing forward into his space which is already congested with monkey boy. Lennon needs room, walker needs a brain transplant and monkey boy needs an electronic collar that electrocutes him if he strays out side of his patch on the LEFT HAND SIDE. We are a team that has draw written all over it. We do not score enough goals for a team of our ability and possession percentages. This is down to the miss matched free for all in midfield. The only teams we score frequently against are teams who attack us. I would wager that a team of geriatric grey squirrels would hold us to a draw if they played a defensive system from the get go.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    100,000 on finishing 5th all bets off except one , guess who.

  • Hartley says:

    Arry Redscnapps is a manager who bases 99% of his strategy on luck, when that luck runs out he has nothing else except words….and lots of em…

    • hoofing says:

      Yea just loads of repeated media soundbites which have been drilled into him by his media coach…… its the same old cliches……. the end is nigh.

      • Hartley says:

        Do you think he has a media coach? Jesus, I bet they get along like a house on fire as they are both completely useless at their chosen careers…..

        • hoofing says:

          Has or did have. The mantra is the same, deflection of responsibilty using sentences which will not questioned by his media mates. The use of hacks first names etc is non-confrontational. My humble opinion.

        • Hartley says:

          He knows one thing or he thinks he does, the media is far more important to me than the fans….

  • hoofing says:

    The Parker for VDV sub sent out the vibes of settling for a draw with tons of minutes on the clock. Teams who open up get punished, they know this, also they know that they can park the bus and finish with a draw as Mr Head full of Magic is not spontaneous enough. Football is dynamic and top dynamic thought processes are needed at the top level. I would hope that a little bird which has an eye for detail in football dynamics has a word with DL. Sunday awaits, and hopefully the set up will be to dare.

  • UnkleKev says:

    Disagree with the analysis of their goal. The ball took a wicked deflection and was coming down at quite a steep angle before it crept in just under the bar. If Brad had dived it would have been purely for show ’cause no way was he ever going to reach it.

    And if Villa keep McCleish I hope they go down next year. I swear he thinks only losing 1-0 is actually a good result.

    • Phil McAvity says:

      Thank you, at last some common sense about their goal!!

      No keeper would have got anywhere near the ball unless Inspector Gadget has changed careers!

      • Hartley says:

        And if he had he wouldn’t be called Inspector anymore, unless his new job was on the buses….. :cop:

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