Date: 7th May 2012 at 8:52pm
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Guten Abend.

‘Zokora n. : An Ivorian device for clearing pigeons off a stadium roof.’

blog  Earn Your Spurs has the footage of Le Zok replacing Emre’s wedding vegetables back from whence they came. I think the bloke got off lightly. Normally Didier puts balls into neighbouring car parks…

Meanwhile in Gotham City … has won the Eredivisie Player Of The Year award. We should seriously buy him. Not by accident, or casually but properly steam in and make it happen. Let’s hope that the board are as savvy in relation to what needs to be done as we are and do the right thing, eh?

’s been at it again.

“We’re a good side. If we’re bold in the summer, we can build a team again that can be right there again next year,”

Citizen Redscnapps told BBC Radio Five Live.

“The league is changing and a top-four position is very difficult to achieve.”

Who could have predicted he’d be focusing the blame onto & Co. anytime soon? I acknowledge some money has to be spent, but for the love of Ronnie James Dio; straightforward and good old fashioned managing is what is required and why we’re are falling down here.

Dos Santos is a class act, yet despite his magnificent run in the Copa and refusing the Jack Daniels miniatures Ledders keeps trying to slip him he can’t buy a first team start.

One can almost hear the post sacking comments now…

“Well I was looking to build for sure, but you know their chairman …well he wanted players that money wise was out of my reach wiv wot he said I could have.

I was lucky to sign Gareth, Luka and Rafa when I did. I’d be a liar if I said I thought any of them players will stay at now…”