Levy & Co. Leave Arry Out Of The Loop

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Good morning fight fans.

Fascinating development in the Jan Vertonghen mini saga as the player has let slip that it’s Spurs that are closest to landing him.

What’s fascinating is that it’s now clear that Arry is not involved in the deal. Only a day or two ago our tight lipped supremo said,

“He is a good player, a player I have looked at and watched, I think there are a lot of clubs interested in him though. So, that is all.

“We haven’t gone anywhere with it. We haven’t spoken to the club. He is just a player I have watched, along with a lot of other players.”

But now Jan himself has said, 

“Of course I want Ajax to become financially better, but the amount Tottenham are willing to pay, maybe with a little bit extra, is very reasonable.

“In a year from now I could leave the club for free. I hope Ajax are aware of it as the situation of Maarten Stekelenburg’s transfer was very harsh.

He only arrived at the end of pre-season at AS Roma. I want to flow in fluently, directly with the other Spurs players.

“Tottenham is a fantastic traditional club who play football in a way I like. Ajax was the perfect club for me, but Spurs will be very close in nearing that already. They buy young, eager and offensive-minded players.”

I’ve been banging the ‘buy a centre back drum’ for some time. This guy would be absolutely perfect and we need to cough up and sign him. Signing Vertonghen would demonstrate to the likes of Modric that we meant business. 

Let’s hope Levy & Co. can pull it off!

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  • zab says:

    But Harry often says one thing, but does another…

    “Parker? Can’t afford him, our chairman won’t play ball…” Bought.

    Your distrust/hatred/dislike of Harry is making you sound more incongruous than you’re painting him to be.

    but keep going!

    • cyril says:

      not sure inconguous is the right word. i could live with perceptive and spot on.
      hr is very limited, we have witnessed clearly the limitaions and know well how far he falls short. we have also been insulted by his disrespect for the club and its fans and his spouting of endless self-serving nonsense. trick is we need someone who has a chance at some degree of longevity, which is why i would exclude anyone over 60. bilic has done well with croatia and could do the job. we need to find the right guy, the trouble with the unknowns are that they will not be attractive to players like modric. keith burkinshaw was an assitant coach at newcastle when we took him but we were also getting relegated so had no superstars to hang on to, rather he brought them in. so we need a good name but someone also quite young. bilic seems to fit that bill, even if i did not like the way he was hoisting up his skirt and flashing his knickers at levy a few weeks ago.

      • zab says:

        if harry goes – and I’ve wanted that for some time – it’s RM from Wigan that looks the best bet imo.

        • cyril says:

          have huge respect for him as a decent and loyal man, and pretty good job givenb the crap he has to work with; feel he wd need a director of football with him. also wonder whether he will still keep up the loyalty thing as he did last summer when villa wanted him

        • Chrispurs says:


        • Gods messenger says:

          Bollocks to Martinez last time we bought someone from Wigan he cost 12 million from Wigan he run out of steam and he is still looking for it Palacios. Trust me if you think Wigan’s desperate form is real then we should get Martinez but i no only Moses was real the rest where breaking the commandments thou shall not cheat thy neighbours.

    • Bobbles says:

      You lot are utterly barking.

      Bilic, a man with limited experience – and define “done well with Croatia”?

      Martinez – a man who looked an inch from the sack for most of the season when Wigan looked certs to go down.

      Moyes – well ok, nothing bad springs to mind, but you think he’s gonna be that 25% better than Harry? You’d sacrafice the silky football for him?

      I’m wasting my time asking you to get behind Harry, but you should consider it as we’re stuck with him for another year – like it or not.

  • shannon says:

    Ho Hum

  • TMWNN says:

    Never mind the loop; leave him off the payroll.

    We don’t want to be dragging our heels here. His ilk are few and far between with just a year left on his contract.

    • LosLorenzo says:

      Trying to do a deal (making a concrete offer, going by the player’s quote) before the end of the season is hardly “dragging our feet”, at least by our standards.

      That said, I won’t take anything for granted until I see him smiling for the cameras in lilywhite at a WHL press conference.

  • mouville says:

    “They buy young, eager and offence minded players”…??? Does he know something we don’t, perhaps Hazard? can’t think of any other recent buys matching that description.

  • LUKE says:

    Harry is an idiot anyway who cares- He has lost his touch in the transfer market, hence why Levy and Co are now doing it for him!

    • TMWNN says:

      Exactly, if a player isn’t a household name or a PL player nearing the end of his career, Redknapp hasn’t got a clue. His henchmen are just as clueless if not more.

      • LosLorenzo says:

        Unless, based on having “looked at and watched” the defender, he has asked Levy to sign him above “a lot of other playres”. I which case you and ‘Arry would be in agreement on something. What would you do then? :whistle:

      • Essexian76 says:

        That’s probably why he bought Walker and Naughton from Sheff Utd, encouraged Caulker to gain experience with Swansea, loaned out Townsend, Rose, Kane and Carroll and many other’s for the same reason? If he’d thrown these sort of players in at the deep end-I’m certain you of all people would’ve have understood and backed him for doing so(i) We needed experienced professional’s who could do a job without being tied to a long term contract. This allows our potential to be assessed before either discarding them or putting them into the 1st team squad which is limited of course! Still waiting to see where the cash is, BTW but you and Harry are great at sound bites without any foundation

        • jerkinmahjurgen says:

          Don’t be so silly. The only similarity is the name. Redknapp is an honest loveable creature with high standards, and shrewd enough to have earned millions doing something he’s totally shit at. In the spotlight, infront of everyone and their Rosies’, and STILL even the pro’s can’t see it, whereas Hotspurt has got so far as creating his own blog and a hole in it which he is struggling to get out of. Wave after wave of derogatory blogs about one of Spurs best ever managers, a man whom at the thought of him leaving, our whole squad fell to pieces. You think Levy, widely regarded as a prodigy [even on here…], would be unknowingly employing a half-wit? The players Redknapp has been involved with over the years… And even those who DON’T rate him would probably recognize recruitment as one of his strenghts… Both Harrys’ are lovely :blush: but they’re both a bit daft.

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