Date:2nd June 2012 at 9:50am
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Good morning.

I read this piece in this morning’s Sun and couldn’t help but come to the certain conclusion it was written by Redschnapps himself.

HARRY REDKNAPP wants three more years to build a Champions League dynasty at Tottenham.

Boss Redknapp has held contract talks with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy this week, with senior players fearing he could leave.

Yes, I can imagine Bale is terrified Arry would be replaced by someone who tells him to his face he’s winger.

Redknapp, 65, has only one year left on his deal but remains committed to the club despite the heartache of missing out on the Champions League even though he led the team to fourth place this season

Loss of 12 point advantage glossed over; believing he had the England job not mentioned.

In spite of heart surgery in February and a gruelling court case he wants to continue his job of transforming Spurs into regular Champions League contenders.

Hilarious. Health card played; disbelief suspended that he’s got the either the balls or the brains to land Champions League again.

Redknapp is 65. Three more years would take him to 68 when he may decide to call it a day, having insisted when he took over that this would be his last job in football.

Thanks for the maths. Or is this supposed to appeal to our sense of charity?

Levy and Redknapp also discussed their plans for the transfer market this summer with a new defender on the radar after Ledley King was told yesterday he is free to leave the club

I do hope nobody’s implying Arry’s had any involvement in the Vertonghen deal.

The fact that the lame brain who ghost wrote this uses the word dynasty in relation to Redschnapps is surreal. I made sausages for breakfast yesterday. I might have cereal this morning. Is that a dynasty of breakfasting?

Speaking of soap operas, Vertonghen appears to have confused SSN and a staggering percentage of Spurs fans by announcing in a video interview that he is  close to joining Tottenham. Here.

Up until that presser it was only thought he was close to joining Tottenham. But having now watched the footage it’s clear he’s now actually close to joining Tottenham.

Forget the Jubilee, we’re having a street party to celebrate being retarded! 

I could weep. Has anyone got Ian Dowie’s number?