Is Today ‘D Day’ For Deputy Dawg?

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Good morning you horrible bunch.

Not my words but those of our existing manager. Ryantegan on Spurs Community who appears to have a decent enough track record is suggesting that today is the day that Arry ‘And nuffink but the whole troof, for sure’ Redscnapps is meeting up with the man that pays his wages.

Harry is resigned to the fact that his time at Spurs is over. He believes that the people he has to work with (above him) are a horrible bunch. His words not mine!

Whatever transpires it would only be a good thing if the whole business can get ironed out so the Club can make some progress in terms of playing personnel. There’s a Modric to PSG made up, quote free piece in today’s Daily Mail. The Sun appear incapable of giving Roy a scrap of credit, running the headline, ‘Yippee! We Got A Draw!’. 

It’s my believe that if Arry is to be kept on then aside from anything else, the fool is to be strapped into a 3 year deal. He is also then to publicly distance himself from any aspirations to leave within that time.

You give him a year and we get another 365 days of the clown starting every interview with how he felt Roy did that week.

The press don’t want Roy. They want their mate installed.

THFC need to decide if Redschnapps is to be entirely focused on being our manager or a two bob TV presenter.

Nobody else behaves like this. Nobody. 

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