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Good morning.

I am reliably informed from UK based source that Andres Villas Boas is to be unveiled on Monday. And Jan Vertonghen by Wednesday.  If it doesn’t happen, then I must remind passengers that refunds can only be issued upon production of a valid receipt. 

As per yesterday’s piece the Italian press cited were pretty ‘robust’ in their claim, not suggesting rather reporting that the deal for the ex Chelsea boss was a done deal.

What I find ‘amusing’ for want of better word …is that’s the disgruntled pro Arry mob who are talking in such unforgiving terms about Villas Boas before he’s even installed. The irony.  

All I want from any new manager is for the team, its coaching and its tactics to be the focus. Not the ‘personality’ in charge. THFC are on the cusp of something here and I don’t mean the usual ‘fingers crossed’ business. I mean the NPD and the endless thorny issue of it’s funding. 

My contempt for Arry was mistaken by some as a personal hate campaign, again ironically by people who speak about him as if he were a relative. My issue was always with the damage being done to THFC. Was I alone in this? If I was I did some job convincing Levy & Co to sack him. Derren Brown you’re toast, son.

Imagine WHL with one of those church funds signs stuck on the outside it. You know, one of those big arrow things showing how close the money raised to the target is. 

Right, now whatever figure you think we’re at… minus £30m. Because that’s why knuckle head was fired. 

You can harp on about finishing fourth as long as you like. Nobody with half a brain cares. This is serious now and the pretty sexy resources we have need managing. 

If the next man in does his best and doesn’t do anything glaringly stupid he’ll have my support. I think that’s reasonable, no?

I expect some common sense, some enterprise and some consistency. I don’t expect to see him looking brain damaged, chimping out of a car window waving a mobile phone like a banana.

I don’t expect him to make me cringe everytime he opens his mouth, I don’t expect him to tell me that a tournament that has probably surpassed the World Cup for many football fans is ‘overrated.’

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  • Will says:

    Huntelaar and Rangnick OMG!!!!!~ *reaches for the Prussic acid*

  • chooch says:

    and its 6o’clock we are still managerless

  • nottmspur says:

    Talking to Blanc!! Wrong again HH! These reliable sources eh? You need some new ones mate!!

  • Ifonly says:

    The truth is that a limited number of people will know who is actually being considered, even less will know who is going to get the job.
    I suppose if you throw enough names and combinations about you will inevitably be able to boast you told us so.

    What do know is I don’t want the fat Spanish waiter!

  • Spurs 37001 says:

    Could you please let me know what your definitions of “reliably” and “unveiled” are. I have had to postpone the Tactical Genius Appreciation Society meeting for another day – Thank you very much.

    When did you say that nice young man from Belgium is coming. At this rate he could be the first player to earn a loyalty bonus before he’s actually signed.

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