‘Chaos At The Lane’ Warning From Football’s Elite

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Good morning.

Reading The Sun since Arry was vomited out of The Lane has been a bit like watching King Lear performed by wee Jimmy Krankie. Not believable and once you’ve rolled your eyes, not even funny.

Arry’s pals are as subtle as brick. Apparently our gallant lads are already plotting a revolt with senior players having allegedly spoken to Chelsea players who have been warned, ‘ was a nightmare to work with and told them to steer well clear of the Portuguese coach.’

Many Tottenham players are already unhappy at Redknapp’s shock sacking last Wednesday.

LM: No like Mr Harry leaving. He tell me Mr Roman banknotes very crispy.

The idea that the players give a solitary flip who comes in is laughable. Okay, if either balloon animal specialist Ian Holloway or man at Paco Rabanne Phil Brown were unveiled I could see a few transfer requests being handed in. 

As long as the wheelbarrows of cash are still delivered on time their hearts won’t skip a beat.

The funniest bit of course is that the author of this seminal piece of garbage then goes on to recommend Laurent Blanc, proudly boasting of his 23 unbeaten run as supremo of the French national side. This is the same rag that scoffed at England’s draw with the French with the headline, ‘Yippee! We Got A Draw.’

Interestingly another Sun article lies a quote from Kranjcar that I had missed. “We all saw Harry going to England. We were all surprised England didn’t make a move for him at that stage.” So much for the speculation not affecting the players. They were (as we all knew anyway) all convinced he was off then. 

The same sentiments are expressed by a man sporting history will remember for having a surname that rhymes with ‘potty’, Tony Cottee talking to the functional alcoholic Alan Brazil on talkSPORT this morning.

The sooner a new manager is installed and we can move on, the better. 

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  • Steveo1987 says:

    I have a feeling this will run on for a few weeks and end up being very tedious.The search for a new manager that is.

  • benspur says:

    can we have a poll for new manager BEFORE he gets the job Aitch….just sayin :happy:

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      To your immediate right, sir ;-)

      • Razspur says:

        I will not take part in a poll bereft of Guadalahara ! Is this an oversight on your part ?

      • benspur says:

        you read my mind :daumen:

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          More chance of signing Barry Manilow would have to be my answer to that one.

        • Razspur says:

          DL to HR…Can’t smile without you.
          Bale appearing on the left…..Could it be magic.
          AVB to DL….I’m your man.
          HR to Rosie….Looks like we made it.
          Final EPL results….Read ’em and weep.
          Mandy……you came and you stopped me from playing.
          Where’s Stratford …..Somewhere down the road.
          Where’s Rosie…..At the Copacabana.
          Wednesday…..Say Goodbye.
          AVB in…..Come Monday.

      • Razspur says:

        Since when has realism been a factor on a blog ?

        The poll states : I’d like our new manager to be….

        Now I ask you…..Who does not want Pep ?

      • Marvin says:

        Slaven Bili? – then we get to keep Modric too.

      • Dr Derelict says:

        Zowie Dowie Starman ..that shits wild !!!

      • `rich g says:

        what in the fuck?, looked at the vote, total tits, avb highest?, morons will believe all u say H, he will be gone by november(if in the unlikely event he will be in) at all, just what exactly do you and the brain surgeons see in the bloke? hes a gimp in a nice suit, knows fuck all about english football(proven) won a trophy in the portugese mickey mouse league with the strongest side by miles? wtf

    • Alspur says:

      What, no Chris Moyles, either?

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    How come we’re the conspirators who stabbed HR in the back, when he was ready to drop us like a hot coal for the England job?

    • Devonshirespur says:

      The guy was sacked for getting 4th 5th 4th…and giving nothing to invest in 2 years. You cannot blame him for keeping his options open.

      It’s not like DL offered him a new contract b4 the Eng thing came knocking (apparently) and that offer was probably tactical anyway.

      No-one at Spurs thinks Ventonghen is some dastardly evil character because with 1 year left he’s prepared to drop Ajax like a hot coal for something better…that’s football. get over it. Beating up Harry for being disloyal is pathetic.

  • Vanderfaart says:

    Thye way these people report things we’ll be in for Mick McCarthy next!

  • Mr_Spiggott says:

    Ha ! The harder the press boys try to undermine us the more resilient and loyal I become.

    Just because we don’t fit into the “sky top 4” profile and the oasis of soundbytes has dried up they’re on our case.

    Sod em



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