Arsenal’s Frimpong May Be Retarded, But He’s No Racist

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Good afternoon.

I see this Emmanuel Frimpong Twitter thing is still kicking about and it needs a line drawing under it.

The Arsenal player responded to a negative Tweet with equal force in my book and whilst it wasn’t clever to reply as he did it’s unfair and a rather desperate move to manipulate matters in an attempt to slap a charge of racism on him.

The whole ‘Y word debate is tedious. The only two people care about it, one is THFC and you can understand that a company of their size doesn’t want to be associated with anything vaguely controversial.

The second is the ponce David Baddiel who as a Jew is clearly tormented by the fact that he supports a club with so many openly racist supporters.

Frimpong is only guilty of being a a bit mentally subnormal. He punctuates every sentence with the word ‘Dench’ and famously told viewers live on Soccer Am that he was, ‘soft for the ladies and hard with the men.’

I heard he recently had an anus transplant, but the anus rejected him.

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  • Ric says:

    i get what you mean i personally dont think he meant the comment out of racism but he said it and should be punished accordingly.
    also we cannot be 100% he is not racist you do not need to be a white man to be racist. #JustSaying.

    • Dial Square says:

      Ric are u retarded? Get a life the guy who firstly said the stupid comment to ‘the enforcer’ is a Yid scumbag so what’s the problem with calling a spade a spade

    • marco santucci says:

      Ric – “should be punished accordingly” – seriously? Who do you work for mate? The police perhaps?

      For those of you who have had enough of the authorities hauling players and fans to court for every ill-judged remark made in the heat of a footballing moment, not to mention their middle class cheerleaders in the press, I suggest you read this excellent article by Mick Hume on the subject:

      Best take on the whole sorry affair I’ve read by far. If only others could be more grown up about it Ric?

  • Cozzer5 says:

    The boy’s name says it all!

  • Razspur says:

    PC gone crazy.

  • spurstough says:

    Emmanuel Stinkbomb?

  • Nicky B says:

    Is calling an Ar*enal fan a ‘Gooner’ Stupidist?

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