Emiliano Viviano Gets Villas Boas Approval Say The Italians

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Good morning.

The names in today’s frame are a very mixed bag and you can’t help but wonder if the Villas-Boas feel good factor has got the hacks more inclined to include us in their fact packed features. 

M’Baye Niang is a striker described by the Daily Mail as ‘powerful’. He’s been on loan with the Woolwich Wanderers and they are suggesting that we, as well as City are considering offering him a similar deal. Seventeen and never been kissed, I think we’ll pass if it’s all the same. 

Carlo is supposed to be off to Watford which automatically asks questions about the pecking order of the existing lads. In all the considerable ‘ITK’ and second guessing flying about t…he name of Gomes has been remarkably absent.

He must be on half decent money and you have to wonder if Villas-Boas is preparing to resurrect the old girl. Yes, we know he lost his bottle, but we can as confidently say that Arry & Co. didn’t try and help him find it again.

The answer to the riddle may just be sticks meister Emiliano Viviano according to TuttumercatoWeb. The 26-year-old played for Palermo last season, but is co-owned by Inter Milan.

Is he any good? He made his debut for Italy in September 2010 and established himself as the Azzurri’s second choice behind some bloke called Gianluigi Buffon

And last up it has to be said that Under Armour have produced a good looking kit, but why have they made such a fist of the launch?

THFC were supposed to have a week of exclusive selling, yet there seems to only be bits and pieces on offer. A jacket? A couple of polo tops and a hoodie? And why can’t we order from the Under Armour site where there’s free shipping? 

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