Date: 20th July 2012 at 9:14pm
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Good evening.

Friday night for most readers so what better than whistle stop tour of , hints and allegations?

Well some might argue watching Superstar for a dash of car crash TV. I tried the team GB game but for pity’s sake, that needed the old fake crowd noise special FX box the match commentator had in Escape To Victory. Oh yes and Team GB’s kit not to have been designed by Quentin Crisp.


Moutinho contact has 100% been made but as per Madrid Spur on FTL the ownership of the player or his contract or whatever makes a consortium of lashed up Paddys at Cheltenham look like a sound business model. 

? Nothing to remotely suggest that this isn’t done other than 146 articles not worth reading written by journalists who need to fill column inches daily and that is it. They need to fill the empty spaces. Greedy, nasty Adebayor. Boo hiss. Repeat till fade. Adebayor is done. Contracts signed and paperwork sent off today. Hertyid on COYS. A highly regarded poster. 

is the killer. Such is the passion of the little git to get out of The Lane for anywhere with brighter lights, such is the interest in Real Madrid signing him that the combination has everyone presuming this too is a done deal.

The problem as Villas-Boas made crystal before the emphatic win™ at Stevenage, is that we will sell if the gun held against our head is loaded with about £40M quid in cold hard cash. 

The other problem which touches again on the tales is that the printed press has a remit to print. If you feel patronized by me sharing this, I apologise. But this is where these Carvalho plus cash type things come from. No development in the saga? Hang on a mo. This other bloke used to play in that league. Oh don;t worry about how Fosters weak the tale is. Wallop. 

Last up.  I ask nothing of you, do I?. Well, other than  continuously suggest you sell furniture, property etc to but copious amounts of tee shirts. I need a very good, very cheap lawyer and I specifically need one in Dublin.