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Good evening.

Friday night for most readers so what better than whistle stop tour of transfer rumours, hints and allegations?

Well some might argue watching Superstar for a dash of car crash TV. I tried the team GB game but for pity’s sake, that needed the old fake crowd noise special FX box the match commentator had in Escape To Victory. Oh yes and Team GB’s kit not to have been designed by Quentin Crisp.

To work. 

Moutinho contact has 100% been made but as per Madrid Spur on FTL the ownership of the player or his contract or whatever makes a consortium of lashed up Paddys at Cheltenham look like a sound business model. 

Adebayor? Nothing to remotely suggest that this isn’t done other than 146 articles not worth reading written by journalists who need to fill column inches daily and that is it. They need to fill the empty spaces. Greedy, nasty Adebayor. Boo hiss. Repeat till fade. Adebayor is done. Contracts signed and paperwork sent off today. Hertyid on COYS. A highly regarded poster. 

Modric is the killer. Such is the passion of the little git to get out of The Lane for anywhere with brighter lights, such is the interest in Real Madrid signing him that the combination has everyone presuming this too is a done deal.

The problem as Villas-Boas made crystal before the emphatic win™ at Stevenage, is that we will sell if the gun held against our head is loaded with about £40M quid in cold hard cash. 

The other problem which touches again on the Ade tales is that the printed press has a remit to print. If you feel patronized by me sharing this, I apologise. But this is where these Carvalho plus cash type things come from. No development in the saga? Hang on a mo. This other bloke used to play in that league. Oh don;t worry about how Fosters weak the tale is. Wallop. 

Last up.  I ask nothing of you, do I?. Well, other than  continuously suggest you sell furniture, property etc to but copious amounts of tee shirts. I need a very good, very cheap lawyer and I specifically need one in Dublin.

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  • A_Felching says:

    Moutinho is an upgrade on the pornstar, I would be delighted with him

    • Eton Trifle says:

      Agree, would he be worth the reported £30m+ though? Looked great at the euros but unproven in epl…

    • mynameisluka says:

      well… Shatter is the current minister for Justice…cant get any better!

    • Moutinho He looks around the same as Modric but the AVB factor may kick in bigger.
      Modric must be having an affair with Jose and they seem to be smiling even laughing at his former love.But Levy will look to stick it to them.

      Ade? Games games and more games. He will sign.He loves Tottenham.

      Ganso looks a winner
      Llorente too
      Leandro too
      Like this Cazorla

      Dont sneeze at Carroll and Berba

      • SydenhamYid says:

        Sorry m8! Chelsea look to have signed him. Only BBC but don’t c us mentioned. Think we slept in there. FS

      • SydenhamYid says:

        Ganso I mean

        • Acton_Yid says:

          Not sure about old Paulo Henrique aka Ganso. Seems to have lost a yard of pace and I hear he’s more than a little injury-prone. He didn’t look like a world beater yesterday vs. Team GB. I say Cheatski can gave him and that other over-rated player Oscar. Hulk and that Romulo fella looked very tasty on the other hand but shame Inter don’t want to sell Damiao, he’s the future…

  • A_Felching says:

    I have the name of a very good brief who operates in Dublin

  • essexian76 says:

    Firstly Adebayor is by all accounts unwilling to accept a 3m per year drop in salary-so let’s move on then, because with his history, he’s at best going to begrudge us a season’s commitment if he signs for a lesser deal.
    Secondly if Moutinho is an upgrade on Modric, why then haven’t Real gone for him, and saved themselves a packet?
    I was impressed with him, but that was International football and not the cut and thrust of Premier League. We’ll need a few additions if and when Modric leaves, including a decent striker or two, a keeper and a creative mid, all of which will require an awful lot of Wonger, Jeeze I hope this Arab money thing has some legs!

  • SydenhamYid says:

    Forgive me for stereotyping but don’t the Arabs effin hate Jewish types? Why would they wanna give us coin? More likely DL will end up on the Internet dressed in an orange boiler suit.

    • sheikh352 says:


      Arsenal has just as many, if not more, “Jewish types” as we do. They are sponsored by an Arabic Airline, for goodness sake. My dad was Palestinian and if anyone has reason to hate the jews, it’s me – but I’ve been Spurs since I was 4 years old – just after they won the double…let’s get past the cliches, okay? I don’t see the Rothschilds dropping a bunch of fivers at our feet, so let’s be thankful, if the story is true, that someone out there with the wonga likes what he sees and splashes a little cash in this direction.

      • Will says:

        If you are a palestinian who isn’t full of the usual antiIsrael & anti Western bull effluent and a THFC supporter then my heart goes out to you. But do not believe anyhting your Imam says and read the Koran yourself and make up your own mind although be warned : independence of though is not appreciated.(BTW I am agnostic but I have studied islam for 26 years so no christain rubbish from me)

        • sheikh352 says:

          Will – I hate to bust your stereotype. I may be half-Palestinian and I believe, with all my heart in the Palestinian cause. My own family were dispossessed of everything but their intelligence. Good for you for studying islam for 26 years – but I am suspicious of your motives for doing so, As for me, I’ve never met an Imam, never read the Koran and never visited a mosque. So, when you say “your Imam”, I take offence. That’s racist claptrap. I don’t come on here and say “All Rabbis are liars” and, even if I believed it to be the case, I would have a little more sensitivity. For your information, I was baptised (my mother’s side of the family are Catholic – oh, I have offended you with “Christian rubbish”, haven’t I). Whether I am pro-Palestine or anti-Israel, what f****** business is it of yours? All you need to know is that I am pro-Tottenham Hotspur and it has f*** all to do with the fact that there are Jews living in the area. My point was this: Arsenal have as many, if not more, jewish supporters and the club is sponsored by an Arab company. Gazidis, Kroenke and Co have not turned their noses up at such support. Besides, there are many Jewish-owned clubs, which I hate. Not because they are owned by Jews but because they are NOT Tottenham Hotspur. Those that come to mind, immediately, include: Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, Aston Villa and Manchester United. There are probably more. I have been abused for my name far more than you can imagine. I have been called “terrorist”, “Bin Laden”, “not-British” (I was, in fact, born in the same hospital as the future King of England, so I don’t know how much MORE British I could be)/ I will NEVER turn my back on my heritage – and I will NEVER turn my back on Tottenham Hotspur. For the record, I have a Filipina wife and daughter. The wife loves THFC almost as much as I do and so will my daughter, as soon as she is old enough to understand. Sorry for the rant – but your post was completely inappropriate to the subject at hand, namely finance and Tottenham.


        • Will says:

          Sheikh I disagree with about 90% of what you say and can back it up with references but I guess as you say this is not the place: I just cannot see Arab oil money, none of which ever goes to help poverty & disasters in the world(see Africa mostly or even Aceh & Japan), being invested in a club with the “yiddo” nickname. As for my knowledge of islam, it seems I know a lot more about it, its politics and the middle east than you but as you are secular I have no right to preach to you. But just don’t ever believe what you are told and that includes by me. Just be very carerful of your sources as there is so much bullsh*t out there posing as history: for a start read all of Arafat’s speeches. But only if you are curious as it is painful but secular does not necessarily mean correct. I’ll stop now.’

      • SydenhamYid says:

        Whilst I know ur correct about arsenal having a Fairly large Jewish fan base we are well known for our connections wer they r not. Wat I said was a unwise attempt at humour but with a serious point.
        I honestly don’t give a monkeys about wer the money comes from but that’s besides the point. The point is, no self respecting Arab is gonna give us, by way of large scale investment, or through good will, any money. Racism, as a whol , but anti-semitism more so is a very complicated and not always obvious beast. With the Arabs it is obvious and not very complicated, although they’re attitude towards the Jews has a somewhat simplistic and not a little unrealistic quality to it. All u hav to do us listen to some of the comments that come from that part of the world. Israel is the cause of everything from fleas to the weather FFS. Although what I’m gonna say now is hard to believe it does give a view on attitudes in the middle east. Egypt had a few shark attacks a while back and some people blamed Israel. Enough said. This is about football. Anyway, my point is that there will b no Arab investing in Spurs FC.

        • LLL says:

          What a load of bollocks. THFC is a business, not a racial or religious entity. It follows that if there are any businessmen out there who may be looking to invest some money, they may choose THFC. Money doesn’t have a religion or creed either.

        • sheikh352 says:

          Do you people even know what “semitic” means? Frankly, I am appalled at the way it is bandied about by people. Just say “anti-jewish” and at least be honest. I am FULL of self-respect and if I had the money, THFC is EXACTLY where it would go.

          Semite [?si?ma?t] less commonly, Shemite
          1. (Social Science / Peoples) a member of the group of Caucasoid peoples who speak a Semitic language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians
          2. (Social Science / Peoples) another word for a Jew
          [from New Latin s?m?ta descendant of Shem, via Greek S?m, from Hebrew Shem]

          Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

          “Semite” includes Arabs from the region, believed to have been descended from Shem, one of the sons of Noah – and it includes Palestinians. By the way, that includes ME. I am as much a semite as anyone claiming to be.

          For the record, believe me or not, my best friend and the Godfather to my daughter, is Jewish and the two of us are closer than brothers. We worked together, for a year or so, in Korea. He is back in Ohio now, running a law practice and he told me, last week, that his office nickname is “the kimchi kike”, which he finds amusing. He plans to open a branch of his firm in London and the ONLY person he has considered to manage the place is me. I said I will do it – but he has to get a corporate box at Spurs, if we can’t get season tickets.

          I don’t know where the money is coming from, if not from Qatar or another of the Gulf States, then, I suspect, it will be coming from America, probably from AEG – this os ONLY speculation on my part and in NO WAY “ITK”.

          No offence intended. You are Spurs. You are brothers.


        • sheikh352 says:

          Will- references mean diddly squat when you have been dispossessed. I don’t mean like someone coming into your house, raping your sister and piching the family jewels – I mean coming into your house, KILLING your grandmother, throwing everyone else out and then TAKING THE HOUSE. Also, taking the land, the businesses and everything your family has built for over 3,000 years (at least, that’s how far our family tree could be traced). I don’t hate jews. I DO hate Zionism and the original terrorists, such as Menachem Begin. He would NEVER have been a Tottenham man. It’s not ME that’s racist. If I were, I could not support this wonderful club. For the record, I never sang songs about Sol Campbell’s sexuality or about the professions of either, or both, of Adebayor’s parents. Not even about Wenger and young boys. I think all of those things are in extreme bad taste and reflect poorly on the Club and its supporters. It’s not all negative, though. To a man and woman, boy and girl, this CLub behaved magnificently, from top to bottom, when an ex-Arsenal player lay, for all intents and purposes, dead on the ground, in February of this year. I don’t need a debate on the politics of the middle-east with you, or with anyone. if you have not lived in Gaza, or in the occupied West Bank, then, please, for the sake of peace, talk to me about football. My dad was a brilliant commentator for the BBC Arabic Service, for many years. As for me, the closest I came to following him was in 2002, at the World Cup, in Korea. I sat next to Pat Nevin, talking football without notes and he said, on air, about me: “This guy seems to know more about football than anyone I’ve met.” It’s bullshit, really – I’ve just got a good memory, that’s all.

          Here’s something about me that’s more than you need to know. All (male) muslims (and jews) are circumcised, sometime after birth. NOT ME, BOYO!!!!

          COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

      • SydenhamYid says:

        We need big money to compete. Simple as that. Yes we can hang around with the wealthy but we won’t have the resources to play with them unless we get money, a lot of it.

        • sheikh352 says:


          Thank you. Uncommonly common sense. Syd, a few typos in my last response. I meant to say: “You are Spurs. You are MY brothers.” Bottom line is this. When we score and I jump up and hug the fella next to me, in celebration, I don’t stop to ask him what religion he is.

  • Edi says:

    As a poster on another site said; we are just as likely to be culprits in dragging the Adebayor deal out. As petty as it sounds, remember that Man City are currently paying Adebayor’s wages…not us. Leave it a while and we save 100s of 1000s in wages. Makes sense really – he’s not a Sigurdsson or Vertonghen who particularly needs to “bed in” to the club. He knows us and knows most of our players.

    • AlfieX says:

      Edi that my friend is an excellent point.Harry we need to Skype as I have some really tasty information from down here.As this is your page I will let you break the news regarding…well something rather tasty

    • Do I Have To Wear This Bloody Awful Raincoat says:

      At £175K a week 6 weeks = £1.05 million

      • sheikh352 says:

        By 30 July, it will have been TEN weeks since the end of last season. That’s £1.75 million. If we can stall until just before the new season begins, it will be £2 million that City has had to pay and we have not! Result!

    • Will says:

      Yes it is always daddy’s fault when he wont give the spoilt little git that 1001 toy that his ego demands…its no longer the 1950s and fixed wages just in case you missed it.

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