What Was It That Modric Told Pienaar?

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Good evening.

This landed and was far too enticing to let simply simper by.

Hey boys, can you hear banjos? We git ourselves here a caption comp. 

The last caption comp was insanely funny. 

  • Funniest caption suggestion wins a major prize.
  • Judges decision is final. No cash alternatives.
  • Your home may be at risk if you go out and leave all the doors and windows open.
  • Lines close at midnight tonight although if I can connive some way of charging you afterwards, rest assured I will.

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  • calebray says:

    luka: if you raise your boot another foot and put on some winkle pickers, thats how hard i got kicked up the arse by mr levy.

    piennar: yeah and i bet you still dont get sold before me

  • xildnparadise says:

    As XTC once sang….

    “Save us from the ball and chain”

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Pienaar: I should be gone by the end of the week.

    Modric: Happy for you. :-(

  • A.Yokel says:

    Jimmy Reckon Mr Levy say you can leave Pienny, is another 3 transfer windows, is contract. Ask Harry

  • Nick says:

    Luka: “hey, steven, can you check that it ok for me to come back in and that Sandro is not going to rip my lungs out??!! Thank u please”

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