9 O’Clocker: He Could Be Villas-Boas’ Very First Coup

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Good evening.

Some particularly interesting information which I believe ought not to be taken lightly. From Jasper on Spurs Odious and it relates to Giovanni Dos Santos. 

AVB loves you, can you stay please?AVB wants him to stay and is very confident he can bring the best out in him.

Now before the avalanche of allegations about his ‘social life’ kick in, it’s worth dwelling upon what he’s done on the green stuff for Mexico. And I would argue well worth dwelling upon the inarticulate oldy worldy twit that was unfortunately his previous Spurs manager. 

Under Villas-Boas we might witness not so much of a resurrection, but a realisation of the talent that we bloody well bought in the first place.

Spurs will play an attacking, Lilywhite blazing 4-3-3 next season. And this lad could well be mustard.

Before the naysayers get stuck in. Try this for size. How rubbish is Kevin Prince Boateng these days? It’s all about the manager. It’s always all about the damn manager.

Mind how you go.

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  • Paxton Boy says:

    I’m here first!! What a feeling!

  • Paxton Boy says:

    You’re not wrong there H. Boy’s Colman’s in Meh-hee-koh, bring him down to Bruce Grove and he looks like a poor man’s J****. Never added up. Well, it did actually. Redsap + young potential = wasted talent.

  • bumfudgemacsnot says:

    This could work. Although I never believe jenas will come good. Or bentley for that matter.

  • rich says:

    I give Gio 20% to make it. To slow and weak. But it would be a good statement to Arry If he makes it. Would love it really!

    • James Robbins says:

      SLOW! Gio has pace, he may not be Aaron Lennon quick bit I bet he could beat Craig Bellamy or Benny in a race

    • Justin "SydenhamYid" says:

      Not slow at all dude. Watch him for Mexico. You will b left wondering if he is the same Gio that resides at Spurs. The boy has the ability.

    • DaveYid says:

      I think some fans would benefit from that ‘statement’ you mention as well. Gio is a very hot prospect and we’ve let too many of these hot prospects go over the past few years. It will end an begin anew next season. H will get his chance and prove all the negative nancies wrong with his lightning pace and his quality FINISHING IN FRONT OF GOAL! Sit back, relax and enjoy another ride on the stressful suicidal roller coaster that is supporting the Spurs!

  • Paxton Boy says:

    Harry! He said the J word!!! Filth you are, Bumfudge. Utter filth.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I think he needs dipping in tempura batter and frying. Mind you. He’d probably enjoy that!

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